5 Fast Facts about The IDEAL Implant for Breast Augmentation

Deciding to get a breast augmentation isn’t the only choice you have to make when you want to add volume to your breasts. Size, implant type, and incision locations are just as important! When it comes to choosing your implant type, you have numerous choices. The IDEAL Implant is one of them and we love it! If you are considering this implant, here are five fast facts to help you decide:

  • The Ideal implant is a saline implant that feels like silicone.
  • It requires a much smaller incision than silicone implants.
  • The technology has been in clinical use since 2009, creating a natural feel without silicone gel.
  • It is exclusively available to board-certified plastic surgeons.
  • The body can absorb it naturally in case of rupture.

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