What Causes Saggy Skin?

Regardless of your age, the appearance of loose, saggy skin on your face and body can significantly affect your appearance. Besides making you look older than your age, it can also diminish your confidence with the onset of wrinkles and excess skin.

Besides the toll it takes on your physical appearance and mental state of mind, what makes saggy skin so problematic is how common it is for people of different ages who experience it. But precisely what causes saggy skin and how you can resolve it remains a mystery to many people.

To help you get the best answers and find the ideal treatment for saggy skin in Long Beach, California, Dr. Josh Waltzman at The Waltzman Institute can help you resolve this concern the right way.


What Causes Saggy Skin?

There are many different causes behind the appearance of saggy skin in men and women, some of which could be due to natural and inherited causes. In others, loose skin could result from factors such as these outlined below.



Aging is one of the top reasons behind saggy skin. As we age, our skin starts losing its collagen and elastin production. When this happens, the tautness of our skin is affected, leading to loose skin that could appear anywhere from your jowls to your abdomen.


Weight Loss

If you have recently lost a lot of weight over a short period, this could also affect your skin’s elasticity. When your skin cannot recover from its stretched state, this could lead to sagging and unsightly wrinkles on different areas of your body.


Pregnancy And Birth

Losing the extra pounds after your pregnancy can be a rewarding accomplishment. However, it could be one of the biggest reasons behind the sagginess and excess skin around your abdomen.


Sun Or UV Rays Damage

Whether you use tanning beds or bask in the sun, the ultraviolet (UV) rays can affect your skin’s ability to produce collagen and elastin. As a result, your skin can lose its youthful appearance and lead to wrinkled areas on your face and body.


How To Resolve The Appearance Of Saggy Skin?

You can resolve the appearance of saggy skin with procedures including but not limited to the following.


  • Tummy Tuck. A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin around your abdomen and corrects muscle weakness giving you a firmer and younger-looking abdomen profile.


  • Body Contouring. Body contouring procedures utilize surgical approaches to remove excess skin from different areas of your body. Sometimes, the procedure may be accompanied by liposuction to eliminate hard-to-remove fat from areas such as your breasts, arms, and back.


  • Renuvion. If you are looking for minimally invasive options, Renuvion may correct your loose skin with the power of helium plasma energy and without any surgical incisions. This procedure works on your face and neck, as well as other areas of your body.


Learn About How Resolve Saggy Skin in Long Beach, California

Through a discussion with a qualified surgeon like Dr. Josh Waltzman at The Waltzman Institute, you can find an effective treatment that targets your specific concern about saggy skin. Dr. Waltzman will help you get rid of loose skin, achieve a firmer profile, and enjoy a youthful appearance across different body areas.


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