Breast Lift with Implants

Breast Lift with Implants

A breast lift with implants is a plastic surgery procedure that combines the benefits of both popular cosmetic procedures. By removing excess skin and adding an implant, breasts sit higher on the chest wall and appear fuller/firmer.

Consider that breasts can change in more ways than one. Lactation often causes the breasts to expand, but once it’s over it can leave the breasts somewhat deflated and drooping. And although getting healthy is always positive, some women find that their breasts developed excess tissue laxity and loss of fullness after weight loss.

If you desire to improve your cleavage and fullness in the top portion of your breast, then Dr. Waltzman may recommend this combination procedure. It’s truly ideal for women who want perkier, more youthful breasts without sacrificing fullness and volume.

The Ideal Candidates for a Breast Lift with Implants

Most women who opt for this treatment are looking for both improved skin firmness and an increase in cup size. A breast lift alone won’t increase the volume of the breast, while, women with sagging breasts are also discouraged from solely undergoing augmentation because the heavy implants could worsen the drooping. Adding an implant to a drooping breast could also mean that the implant won’t look centered if the rest of it sags below the breast fold. To get around these limitations, women who have unique concerns choose this comprehensive treatment plan.

In general, patients should also be in relatively good health before undergoing cosmetic surgery. Patients should also have realistic expectations for what their procedure can and can’t do.

What Lifts + Augmentation Can Do

This procedure reshapes the breasts in addition to adding fullness and volume. It can remove excess tissue, create a rounder, perkier breast, and add precious volume for a fuller cleavage.

The nipples also often become stretched when the breasts sag, so many surgeons use the breast lift as an opportunity to resize the nipples and position them higher on the breast mound.

Dr. Waltman will still need to work with your unique profile and your anatomy; although he can reshape the breasts and enhance their size, you can rest assured that your breasts will still retain their natural form and characteristics.

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Ready to book a procedure with Dr. Waltzman? Contact us today to schedule a consultation and begin your new aesthetic journey today!

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Ready to book a procedure with Dr. Waltzman? Contact us today to schedule a consultation and begin your new aesthetic journey today!

How a Breast Lift with Implants Is Done

Your treatment will be performed in a Long Beach hospital or surgery center where Dr. Waltzman has hospital privileges. Dr. Waltzman will use general anesthesia, so patients will need to be driven home by a trusted friend or family member.

Dr. Waltzman performs his beast lift procedures using either a vertical or Wise pattern, time-tested techniques that remove excess skin, lift the breasts, and reshape the breast mound. He’ll perform the breast augmentation first by creating an incision in the inframammary folds (the breast fold). Then, he’ll create a pocket either over or under the muscle and insert the implant. After that, Dr. Waltzman will create an incision around the areola and another incision that goes from the areola down to the breast fold.

He’ll create a pedicle, which is a bridge of tissue that establishes a blood supply to the nipple, and then move the pedicle and the nipple up higher on the chest wall. Dr. Waltzman will then reshape the breast mound and remove excess tissue. Once the breast has a nice round shape, Dr. Waltzman will close the incisions.

Both surgeries can be completed in one appointment, but there are some circumstances where it needs to be done in two stages. If Dr. Waltzman has determined that your skin is healthy and has excellent elasticity, he’ll proceed with a single-stage procedure. If your skin has some substantial sagging or if you want implants that are somewhat larger, then Dr. Waltzman might stage the breast lift with implants into two procedures. Your lift will be first, and then 4-6 months later, your implants will be inserted.

The is an outpatient procedure; once it’s over, you’ll be able to go home to recover. 

Recovering from Your Lift and Augmentation

Your recovery will depend on whether you undergo a singular procedure or staged procedure.

With a combined procedure, your recovery will be slightly longer than a typical breast lift, but the recovery time is much more consolidated.

Patients are asked to take 1-2 weeks off work to recover from. If the patient has a much more physical job, then they may have to take more time off work.

Patients tend to feel some soreness, tightness, numbness, and swelling. They’ll be given pain medication to help with any discomfort, but many of our patients have reported the recovery as being very tolerable. In fact, many switch to over-the-counter medications after just a few days.

Your muscles and breast tissues will need to heal substantially during your recovery, so Dr. Waltzman recommends that patients take it easy for the first month of their recovery. They should not work out for at least the first four weeks, but after a month, they can ease themselves slowly into their normal regimen.

With a staged procedure, you’ll have your breast lift performed, and then you’ll wait around 4-6 months for the tissues to settle. After that, the implants will be added. In the end, regardless of whether you had a combined or staged breast lift with implants, it will all depend on how your body heals.

Immediately after the treatment is performed, it may seem as if the breasts are high or tight. Over time, the breast tissue will begin to settle into a more natural appearance.

Meet Josh Waltzman, M.D.

Learn why Dr. Waltzman has been trusted by many throughout Southern California and why you should choose him for your aesthetic journey.

Meet Dr. Waltzman

Meet Dr. Waltzman

Learn why Josh Waltzman, MD has been trusted by many throughout Southern California and why you should choose him for your aesthetic journey.

Meet Dr. Waltzman

Your Scars from the Breast Lift with Implants

Your surgery often results in an anchor-shaped scar that goes around the areola, down the breast from the areola to the breast fold, and horizontally across a portion of the breast fold. For many patients, the horizontal scar is not visible under the breast fold.

When the incisions first start to heal, the scars will look red and somewhat raised. Over the next few months, the incision should gradually flatten and fade. After about a year, the incisions should be fully healed and often times inconspicuous.

Waltzman Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery is more than happy to educate patients on their options for achieving better breast position and volume. To determine if a lift with implants in Long Beach is for you, contact us by visiting our website or calling (562) 448-6100.