How To Achieve the Ultimate Jawline Without Surgery

No matter your age, a pronounced jawline adds definition to your facial structure. A sleek jawline not only enhances your looks but can also boost your confidence and self-image. While researching how to improve jawline definition, you may initially be led to believe that surgery is your only option. However, thanks to advancements in cosmetic… Read More »

Top 5 Non-Surgical Options That Would Be Best for You!

When considering cosmetic treatments to enhance your appearance, the idea of having surgery is often the first thought to cross your mind. But perhaps you need to broaden your horizons!  Even though surgical procedures are effective and safe, they are not the only avenue to achieve your dream look. Indeed, non-surgical cosmetic treatments in Long… Read More »

Liquid Facelift vs. Surgical Facelift: What Are the Differences?

Aging comes with many challenges, including the look of your skin. As we age, our skin starts to sag, wrinkle, and lose fullness. Though these changes are natural, the desire to look more youthful remains valid. Thankfully, you can slow the signs of aging. Facelifts, whether liquid or surgical, can address these skin issues with… Read More »

Popular Non-Surgical Procedures During the New Year

Traditionally, the earliest months of a new year are the busiest period for plastic surgeons, dermatologists and aestheticians. Resolution spending fuels this trend, which sees customers from all walks of life kick-start the new year with a confidence-boosting, beauty-enhancing, non-invasive visit to their plastic surgeon. Because some of the most year-round popular cosmetic procedures are… Read More »

Liquid Facelift: What Treatment Can Do for You

If you are looking for a facial rejuvenation procedure but are not ready to undergo surgery, a liquid facelift may be a good option. The liquid facelift is a customized combination of cosmetic injectables that are carefully selected based on your concerns and goals. Read our infographic below to find out what treatment can do… Read More »