10 Common Mistakes People Make With Their Skin

No matter how old you are, embracing flawless skin should always top your to-do list. From using the correct products for your skin type to scheduling regular checkups with your dermatologist, you likely do everything you can to achieve glowing skin. But to achieve the ideal results, you also need to learn about skincare mistakes… Read More »

5 Skincare Essentials Every Woman Over 40 Should Be Using

Growing older, accumulating worldly experience, and garnering valuable achievements is an empowering feeling, to say the least. But even while aging brings an abundance of positivity to the table, it also contributes to various skin conditions that may dampen your personal sense of wellbeing. That is why women over 40 often must worry about issues… Read More »

How To Protect Your Skin This Summer

Sun-damaged skin causes patients no end of trouble. From premature wrinkling to sunspots, uneven complexion to more sinister consequences including skin cancer, the sun harms our skin unless we take proper precautions. While a central part of summer is enjoying the sunshine, Dr. Josh Waltzman can’t stress enough the importance of protecting your skin during… Read More »

Refresh your spring skincare routine with these tips!

As the seasons change, so too must our self-care routines. The skin is a part of our anatomy that is particularly susceptible to changes in the weather, which is why slightly modifying our skincare routine for the spring is important to enjoy the healthiest skin possible. Here, we’ll look at two of the main spring… Read More »

Why Facelifts Are Growing More Popular With Younger People

The plastic surgery and beauty niche sees some of the most rapid trend changes from any public industry. While social media is the driving force behind many of these trends, such as Kylie Jenner’s filler-filled pouting lips, other factors influence people’s decision to consider plastic surgeries earlier in life. Traditionally, the average age of patients… Read More »

5 Skincare Tips During Pregnancy

Weight fluctuations, mood swings, uncertainty, cravings — each of these makes pregnancy hard. It also doesn’t help that many skincare methods are not suitable and unsafe for pregnant women. But fear not – follow these tips from Dr. Josh Waltzman and enjoy that glowing skin throughout your baby-bearing journey. 1.    Keep Up the Cleaning Every… Read More »

Caring for Your Skin Under Your Face Mask

Masks are part of our new normal, and your skin might be upset about this. Face masks can wreak havoc on the skin, trapping dirt and oil and leading to problematic breakouts, rashes, and skin concerns. Face masks aren’t going away any time soon, but your skin doesn’t have to suffer. These simple tips will… Read More »

The Cosmetic Treatment Guide for the Bride-to-Be

When it comes to getting ready for your wedding, there are so many things to consider and do to put your best, most beautiful self forward. While there are many cosmetic treatments on the market today, some are more appropriate and helpful for brides-to-be than others. This blog discusses some of the most effective and… Read More »