Get Rid of Your Double Chin: Kybella® or Neck Lift?

As many people approach middle age and beyond, they develop the dreaded double chin that can include sagging, excess skin or fat, or a receding profile. While this is a common issue, it is not one that needs to be lived with. There are procedures and surgeries available today that can improve the appearance of… Read More »

Why Consider a Mommy Makeover?

Having a child is probably one of the most wonderful experiences a woman can have. However, the birth, breastfeeding and the pregnancy itself have a serious effect to changes on the body. Weight fluctuations and hormonal changes can take their toll causing noticeable changes in the skin, deflation and sagging of the breasts and loss… Read More »

The Mind, Mood and Plastic Surgery

Do aesthetic procedures affect or impact mood? Good research shows that Botox® injected into the forehead muscles can inhibit frowning, which mitigates the symptoms of anger and depression. Do facelifts promote smiling? Which comes first- the expression or the emotion? Facial Feedback Hypothesis According to the hypothesis called facial-feedback, emotion follows expression. A large body of… Read More »