Body Sculpting in Cerritos

After significant weight loss, you may still feel unhappy with how you look because of excess skin. Or you may be unhappy with how your body looks after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Many people find that even though they eat right and have a good exercise regimen, they cannot get the body shape they desire due to stubborn pockets of fat that will not budge.

These types of concerns could be addressed by body sculpting in Cerritos. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Josh Waltzman at The Waltzman Institute could provide the improvements you are looking for through various plastic surgery procedures. He has the experience and training to help you attain a figure that reflects your hard work.


Liposuction can be a very effective, minimally invasive treatment for removing unwanted fat from a variety of areas. Excess fat is carefully suctioned out, leaving you with a smoother contour. Excess fat on the upper arms and love handles on your flanks could be treated with excellent results. Inner thighs could be slimmed down and your waistline could be trimmed.

Liposuction is versatile, but it is not a form of weight loss. To clear stubborn fat pockets and complete your transformation, you need to be within about ten pounds of your goal weight before having liposuction.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Abdominoplasty, more often referred to as a tummy tuck, helps tighten abdominal wall muscles, removes stubborn fat deposits, and lifts sagging abdominal skin. It may provide a welcome improvement after pregnancies or weight loss have left your abdominal wall wrinkled and drooping. The return of a nicely defined waistline after body sculpting in Cerritos will boost your confidence and make clothes fit better.

Hip Dip Fat Transfer

Hip dip surgery is liposculpting used to smooth your body contour from your waist to your thighs. It is natural to have depressions in your hip skin due to how your tissues are attached to each other.

During this procedure, Dr. Waltzman removes fat from the area of your choice, such as your abdomen, and introduces it into low spots along the sides of your hips. It helps even out your skin by filling in dips with fat. Results are immediate, so this is a relatively quick way to get your body ready for the beach.

Mommy Makeover

Mommy makeovers are individualized to repair some of the lasting changes after you decide not to have any more pregnancies. While you were pregnant, your body expanded to accommodate the necessary changes for a healthy pregnancy. Now, you may still not be happy with how your body looks even though you are a healthy non-pregnancy weight. Skin can be wrinkled and drooping because it can no longer return to its previous size, and your breasts can look deflated. A mommy makeover could include any combination of procedures, including:

  • Liposuction
  • Tummy tuck
  • Breast surgery
  • Reshaping of the buttocks and hips

The goal of this body sculpting combination in Cerritos is for you to feel refreshed and your body renewed. Dr. Waltzman could work with you to plan the procedures that will give you the best results.

Body Lift

After significant weight loss, you may have excess skin that hangs in various areas, including arms, abdomen, and thighs. You may also have stubborn fat pockets that never disappeared. A body lift could reshape any of these areas. Dr. Waltzman knows how to take care of excess skin and stubborn fat. He could work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that will address your concerns. You have worked hard to become healthy, and the right cosmetic surgery could complete your physical transformation and give you the smooth body contours you have dreamed of.

Change Your Shape With Body Sculpting in Cerritos

Body sculpting in Cerritos encompasses a variety of different procedures that smooth your body lines. It could be as simple as getting rid of those hip dips or as complex as your final body transformation after significant weight loss. As you age, you could turn back the hands of time with certain procedures.

When you are thinking about changing your appearance, the best thing you can do is call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Waltzman. At our practice, you can expect all the benefits of a large practice with the personalized care of a small one.