Fact or Fiction: Botox® Myths

By far the most popular and well-known cosmetic injectable procedure, Botox® injections accounted for over seven million appointments in the U.S. last year.

This is by no means is this a new trend. Since Botox® was first cleared for medical and cosmetic use, it has consistently been the most popular cosmetic treatment on the market, and for a good reason.

As it effectively reduces the appearance of wrinkles, has anti-aging properties, and is relatively cheap, Botox® is understandably a reliable go-to choice for people wishing to minimize the impacts of time on their appearance.

With this popularity, however, there also comes substantial misunderstanding surrounding the procedure and how it affects beauty-seekers. World-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Josh Waltzman helps to clear to air surrounding Botox® and separate the fact from the fiction.

1. Botox® Takes Effect Immediately

A common misconception in the industry is that Botox® takes effect immediately after being administered. This is not the case. Subtle results become noticeable three to five days after treatment, with full results manifesting seven to ten days after treatment.

2. Botox® Results Are Permanent

Botox® works by locally paralyzing the musculature responsible for causing dynamic wrinkles and fine lines.

This paralyzing effect Botox® has on the nervous system lasts anywhere between three to six months, depending on the patient and previous amounts of Botox® injections.

3. Botox® Results in a ‘Deer in Headlights’ Appearance

While many worry about frozen facial expressions, this only occurs when Botox® is administered in incorrect proportions, in the wrong place, by an inexperienced practitioner.

When done correctly, Botox® results in a rejuvenated, fresher, younger appearance. Other treatments, such as dermal fillers, also effectively contribute to a realistic, more youthful appearance.

4. Botox® Only Treats Wrinkles

Initially, Botox® was only used to treat forehead wrinkles.

Doctors have now refined their technique and the product so that Botox® can now treat an array of cosmetic concerns.

  • Lifting eyebrows
  • Dimpled chins
  • Softening a harsh jawline
  • Slightly raising corners of a drooping mouth

Botox® can also effectively treat migraines, as it relaxes the tension held in the neck, scalp, and forehead. For those who have hyperhidrosis, Botox® also significantly reduces sweating. Botox® can be used for both cosmetic and medical concerns, so consult your doctor or Dr. Waltzman today to learn more about how Botox® may assist you.

5. Botox® is Only for Women

Time affects the appearance of men, just as it does women, with wrinkles, fine lines, and less contoured features. Why then, is one of the most common myths surrounding Botox®, that its anti-aging benefits are reserved only for the ladies?

Wrinkles in men have been proven to make them look not only older, but angrier, and thus less approachable. Fortunately, many more men are beginning to realize the benefits a Botox® treatment can have on their lives.

Your Botox® Treatment With Dr. Waltzman

As we have seen, there are plenty of good reasons why Botox® is the most popular anti-aging procedure in the United States. The treatment has an outstanding proven record of results, safety, and repeat patients. If you are considering Botox®, please contact Dr. Josh Waltzman on (562) 448-6100 or book your online consultation here, and begin the process towards a younger, more rejuvenated you.