What should I expect the day of my tummy tuck procedure?

You will need to fast the day of your surgery (nothing to eat or drink from midnight the night before). When you get to the surgery center you will change into a gown. The nurse will place an IV in your arm to provide fluids. You will meet your entire OR team which includes the Anesthesiologist and the Room Nurse. Next, Dr. Waltzman will talk with you and make his pre-operative markings on your abdomen. You will then be taken back to the OR by your Anesthesiologist. After surgery you will wake up in the recovery room. You will be wearing an abdominal binder. The recovery nurse will be at your side to help keep you comfortable. Usually patient remain in recovery 1-1.5 hours. Once you are ready to go home your ride will be contacted. Post op instructions will be discussed by the nurse. You will need to remain in a flexed position at your waist. Dr. Waltzman will call you at home that evening to check-up on you and answer any questions.