How Long After Breast Reduction Surgery Must You Wait Before A Breast Augmentation Can Be Performed?

Breast reduction surgery or “reduction mammaplasty,” when expertly performed by Dr. Josh Walzman, removes excess breast tissue, breast fat, glandular tissues, and skin.  The overwhelming advantages of this surgery include improved posture, increased self-confidence, and the freedom to easily fit into more clothing styles and to pursue an active lifestyle. Breast reduction patients benefit from this surgery when their breasts are too large for their physiques and create discomfort, pain, and emotional distress.

On your journey to obtain your dream figure, after having breast reduction surgery, you may consider receiving breast augmentation surgery to regain the perky breasts of your youth. Immediately, this is where the crucial question comes up: How much time do you need between breast reduction and breast augmentation surgery?

To find out more about each procedure as well as the best way to combine them, keep reading. Dr. Waltzman and his caring team in Long Beach, California, will help you find an informed answer on the best way to stage two procedures.

What Is a Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction surgery by Dr. Waltzman can help women ease the unpleasant symptoms brought on by a large breast size while at the same time enhance their self-image and ability to participate in physical activities.

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What Is a Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation adds volume by creating more natural-looking and beautiful breasts. The procedure involves the insertion of breast implants within the breast tissue, providing an increased cup size, fullness, and perky contours that complement a woman’s figure.

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Breast Reduction Recovery Period Is Different For New Surgeries

During the planning stage of your breast reduction procedure with Dr. Waltzman, he will outline the probability of a future breast augmentation, even if it’s something you haven’t considered.

In most cases, Dr. Waltzman performs the breast reduction and then six months later breast augmentation. The reason for this two-stage approach is that each surgery has a different goal:

  • In a breast reduction, breast fat, skin, and glandular tissue are removed.
  • In a breast augmentation, the breast implants stretch the breast skin while adding volume and weight.

Performing breast reduction surgery and allowing the tissue and scars to rebuild will result in an overall more pleasing implant placement with smaller scars during later augmentation. For this reason, Dr. Waltzman prefers to stage the two procedures at least six months apart for the best recovery.

Are You a Good Candidate for Breast Augmentation After Reduction?

If you have lost the original shape and volume of your breasts after breast reduction surgery or other factors, you may be a great candidate for breast augmentation, provided you:

  • Are in relatively good physical health
  • Have no significant underlying health conditions
  • Have reasonable expectations about the procedure, recovery time, and results

Take the Next Step Towards Your Breast Augmentation After Breast Reduction in Long Beach, CA

If you would like to find out if a breast reduction followed by an augmentation might be right for you, then take the next step by setting up your breast consultation with Dr. Josh Waltzman by calling (562) 448-6100 or filling out this online form.