Back Lift in Long Beach

Years of weight fluctuations, age, genetics, and sun exposure can all influence the skin in your midsection. This area is particularly resistant to diet and exercise alone, especially after significant weight loss, such as bariatric surgery or several pregnancies.

While many are familiar with a tummy tuck procedure to reduce excess skin and fat, fewer people are familiar with a back lift. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Josh Waltzman offers the back lift in Long Beach, a cosmetic procedure that reduces excess fat and skin tissue along your back.

What Is a Back Lift?

A back lift removes excess skin and fat from the upper back. It helps create a smoother and more defined contour. Different types of back lift procedures or approaches remove excess skin and fat.

Regardless of the type of back lift performed, Dr. Waltzman removes the excess tissue and repositions and tightens the remaining skin to create a more contoured look. This significantly improves the appearance of the back and reduces bulges and rolls that can be difficult to address with diet and exercise. A back lift can provide long-lasting results when combined with a healthy lifestyle and stable weight.

When Is a Back Lift the Best Option?

Men and women who have lost weight and lead a healthy lifestyle may find their midsection is especially resistant to change. Women who have undergone pregnancy and people who have undergone other hormonal changes may find extra skin or fat accumulates around the abdomen and back.

The skin can become loose from repeated dieting and weight fluctuations. People who have achieved weight loss through bariatric surgery, or medical weight loss, may have lost a large amount of weight over a short period. While weight loss can help their overall health, the skin typically does not rebound to their new body weight, causing excess, loose skin around their back and midsection.

A back lift in Long Beach may also help correct loose skin from sun damage and aging. Loss of resilience due to the breakdown of collagen and elastin, slower production of these proteins, and years of exposure can damage the skin and cause premature aging and sagging. Fatty deposits collect under the skin, and excess tissue can hang loosely.

Types of Back Lift Procedures

Specific lifting procedures address particular areas of the back. A back lift is performed under general anesthesia, and many patients will have liposuction alongside the procedure to help contour and sculpt the area.

Lower Back Lift

A lower back lift focuses only on excess skin and fat deposits in the lower back, including the hips, waist, or love handles. A lower back lift is typically part of a lower body lift procedure. A lower body lift procedure typically is combined with the tummy tuck so excess skin is removed from the entire lower half of the body.

Bra Line Back Lift/Upper Body Lift

A bra line back lift allows Dr. Waltzman to access your upper and mid back and waist. The surgery creates a scar that runs horizontally on your back just under your shoulder blades. The approach gets its name from the position of the scar, which is approximately where a bra band falls. A bra line back lift can be done on men and women, depending on their cosmetic needs.

What to Expect During Recovery

Your recovery is influenced by the surgical approach used. However, some general considerations impact all people who undergo a back lift procedure in Long Beach. This is an outpatient procedure, and you can go home on the day of surgery.

Moderate swelling and bruising are normal. This gradually decreases over the first several weeks. When you are discharged, Dr. Waltzman will give you specific instructions on how to care for your incision and any drains that may have been placed.

Following your post-op instructions carefully is crucial as they help reduce postoperative complications, including infection. You will also have regular follow-up appointments so Dr. Waltzman can monitor your healing and remove stitches and drains at the appropriate time.

Rest is essential, and you will be advised to avoid strenuous activities, heavy lifting, and bending for approximately four to six weeks. You will also wear compression garments for the first four to six weeks to help reduce swelling and support healing tissue. Your scar tissue will continue to mature and fade with time. It can take several months to see the final results as the swelling goes down and your body adjusts.

Schedule Your Consultation for a Back Lift in Long Beach

After achieving significant weight loss, pregnancy, or aging, you may be plagued with excess skin and fat in your upper or lower back. We encourage you to call our office and schedule a consultation with Dr. Josh Waltzman at The Waltzman Institute.

He will answer your questions about a back lift in Long Beach, evaluate if you are a good candidate for the surgery, and describe your recovery. Dr. Waltzman and our patient care team work to develop a 1-on-1 relationship with each patient and value your health and satisfaction.