Hand Rejuvenation in Long Beach

While many people take great care to avoid sun damage to their face, they often forget the backs of their hands.

Your hands can make you look older than you are. When you drive and hold the steering wheel, your hands are exposed to the sun, which many people do not consider. Options for hand rejuvenation in Long Beach at The Waltzman Institute may take years off your looks.

What Is Hand Rejuvenation?

With age and exposure to environmental stressors such as sun damage, collagen and fat pads in the back of your hands dissipate. This makes the veins and tendons more pronounced and makes the hands appear bonier.

The loss of smoothness can be natural and unavoidable, but there are several steps you can take to rejuvenate tired-looking hands and reduce damage over time.

With hand rejuvenation treatments in Long Beach, your hands can look smoother and younger using techniques with minimal pain and downtime. Hand rejuvenation procedures are becoming more popular, and there are several options from which you can choose.

What Hand Rejuvenation Options Are Available?

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Josh Waltzman can offer you a variety of hand rejuvenation strategies that address the three major characteristics of aging hands: loss of volume from declining collagen and fat stores, loose and thin skin, and increased hyperpigmentation.


Fat pads and collagen are what help keep your hands looking smooth and young. In the past, autologous fat injections were the only option to restore lost volume.

This requires a surgical procedure to harvest fat from one area of your body and re-inject that into the back of your hands. Some of the fat can be reabsorbed, but most remains. While your fat cells are not absorbed like dermal fillers, your hands continue to age.

You may also choose dermal fillers for hand rejuvenation, which can be used to visibly minimize wrinkles, ligaments, and tendons and improve volume.

The two most popular fillers are RHA and Restylane®. These non-surgical procedures can be done in the office without downtime or anesthesia. Dermal fillers can cause bruising and are generally not permanent.

How long they last depends on various factors, including where the injections are placed and how quickly your body metabolizes the product.

Skin Tightening

Loose skin is one of the most common characteristics of aging hands. Loss of fat and collagen reduces skin elasticity and creates fine lines that cause hands to look older. One way to rejuvenate hands is to improve the quality and texture of the skin by reducing wrinkles and prominent veins.

Dermal fillers may be enough to create smoother skin, but when you require more skin tightening, Dr. Waltzman may recommend laser resurfacing of your hands with a Nanopeel or a Micropeel.  This stimulates collagen production, which reduces skin laxity and produces tighter skin.


Hyperpigmentation can occur with excess exposure to the sun. You can help prevent this by using sunscreen on your hands each time you leave the house. Dr. Waltzman may recommend laser treatments to address all three of the issues that appear in aging hands.

There are a variety of laser treatments available to help rejuvenate the hands of people in Long Beach without using a surgical or minimally invasive procedure. Lasers are applied to the area of the skin where rejuvenation is needed, and their heat triggers the creation of new collagen fibers and can target pigmentation.  The best type of device to treat hyperpigmentation in the hands is the Sciton BBL.

The procedure is very comfortable, and there is no downtime afterward. The more often you treat your skin with BBL, the better and younger your skin will look.

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After years of sun exposure, you may be looking for treatments to help hand rejuvenation in Long Beach to visibly improve the signs of aging.

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