Do you look tired or angry? Bags under your eyes? Drooping eyelids? Do you find yourself raising your eyebrows to open your eyes? Eyelid surgery can enhance and rejuvenate the areas around your eyes and restore a youthful appearance. It can also address some functional problems with your eyelids and vision.

The appearance of the skin around your eyes can communicate exhaustion and a lack of vitality, even after a good night’s sleep. Surgery of the eyelids can dramatically rejuvenate your appearance. Often after a blepharoplasty, friends may comment that you look refreshed or rested, but are unable to tell what has changed. The results are subtle and natural.


What does blepharoplasty treat?

Eyelid surgery can treat:

  • Loose, excess skin that causes folds and detracts from the youthful natural contours of the upper and lower lids that may even impair your vision
  • Bulging fat that creates puffiness in the upper and lower eyelids
  • Bags under the eyes

This is a surgical procedure that is performed under local anesthesia, IV sedation, or general anesthesia, depending on what type of surgery is being done. Incisions are strategically placed in the natural eyelid creases in the upper lids, making them well hidden. For the lower lids, precision is required to avoid changing the natural shape of the eyes. Incisions are placed close to the lower eyelashes and are well hidden when completely healed.

What about my eyebrows?

Sometimes, treating the eyelids alone is not sufficient to obtain the desired correction, and elevation of low set eyebrows is necessary. First, it’s important to establish the natural position of the eyebrows. In men, the ideal location of the brow is at the bony prominence above the eye (the supraorbital rim). In women, the ideal brow is slightly above the supraorbital rim. Blepharoplasty does not adjust the position of the brow. Only a brow lift can accomplish this.

In reality, some people with heavy upper eyelids actually have a combination of droopy brows (brow ptosis) and excess eyelid skin. In that case, a blepharoplasty will be recommended in conjunction with a brow lift. In fact, only performing a blepharoplasty may actually accentuate the problem.

After a proper evaluation of the eyebrow/eyelid complex, and a discussion of your concerns, Dr. Waltzman will determine the most beneficial combination of procedures.

If your eyelids interfere with your vision, insurance coverage may be available. Dr. Waltzman’s friendly and helpful staff will assist you with insurance-related issues.

Often, a blepharoplasty is combined with other facial rejuvenation procedures to attain even better results. For instance, fat transfer or fat repositioning around the eyes can help to achieve facial harmony. A peel around the eyes can improve fine lines and dark circles. You will benefit from the expertise of a well-trained and specialized plastic surgeon. During a consultation with Dr. Waltzman, you will discuss your concerns and surgical goals to achieve the results you desire.