Brow lift

What is a brow lift?

A brow lift, or forehead lift, is a surgical procedure that raises the eyebrows and helps to correct the lateral hooding of the eyelids that cannot always be corrected with eyelid surgery alone. The descent of the eyebrows is one of the first signs of aging and can cause a person to look unhappy, angry or fatigued. This lift also reduces wrinkle lines and improves frown lines. The goal is to provide you with a refreshed, natural look that opens the eye by lifting the brow while retaining the natural shape of the eyes. Both men and women can benefit from a brow lift.

A traditional “open” brow lift involves an incision in the hairline from temple to temple across the forehead. Today, many brow lift operations are able to be performed with an endoscope. This minimally invasive technique requires several small incisions in the hairline that provide access for the surgeon’s endoscope and tools to lift the brow and release the muscles that cause grooves and creases between the brows, and horizontal grooves in the forehead. The endoscopic brow lift provides a natural and pleasing appearance. Dr. Waltzman will recommend the best type of procedure for you based on your anatomy and degree of correction required.

What is the ideal location of the brow?

In men, the most aesthetically pleasing brow is one that is located at the bony prominence also called the bony ridge above the eye socket and is at the same horizontal level for both eyebrows. In women, the most aesthetically pleasing brow is just above the bony prominence. The position of the eyebrows significantly influences facial expression and the ability to project your mood. People focus on your eyes when you are talking. A brow lift can help rejuvenate your eyes and forehead so that you appear as you really feel, happy and rested.

Brow lift consultation

Dr. Waltzman will examine your face and determine whether a brow lift is appropriate to achieve the results you desire. This determination includes analysis of both the eyebrow and eyelids. In some cases, a blepharoplasty alone may provide the correction you need. In other cases, a combination of a brow lift and blepharoplasty may be recommended to achieve the results you seek. Dr. Waltzman will listen to your surgical goals and offer his recommendations.

Am I a brow lift candidate?

  • Do you find yourself subconsciously raising your eyebrows to open your eyes? This subconscious reflex activates the forehead muscles to lift the brows and creates horizontal forehead lines.
  • Do you have heavy frown lines between your eyes? Do they make you look serious or angry?
  • Do you look tired and your eyelids droop? Do people tell you that you look tired or angry?

If you are bothered by these signs of aging and you are healthy, don’t smoke, and have a positive outlook and realistic goals, a brow lift may be right for you.

The objective is a natural, subtle improvement in brow elevation. It will open up the eyes, providing a more rested and youthful appearance. Sometimes it can create a dramatic effect, especially when combined with blepharoplasty. For precisely this reason, the best approach is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Waltzman to your options.

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