Plastic Surgery for Men in Santa Ana

The benefits of plastic surgery are not limited to women. Many men pay as much attention to how they look as women do. While a man’s aesthetic goals may differ slightly from a woman’s, they are just as important to how you feel about yourself and how others perceive you.

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How Is Men’s Plastic Surgery Different from Women?

There are several differences and similarities between plastic surgery performed on men and women in Santa Ana. For example, because men have a higher level of testosterone in the body, their skin is approximately 25 percent thicker than a woman’s. This means a man will heal differently and can expect a different recovery time for the same procedure.

The swelling can last a little longer as the skin heals in areas of the body other than the face. On the face, men have slightly more blood vessels, which accelerates healing and reduces swelling.

Another difference is body hair. Because men have more body hair, it can serve as a good cover for small incisional scars. On the flip side, men are more prone to male pattern baldness. So, while doing facial surgery, where the incision is made must be carefully considered.

Men tend to have firmer ligaments and connecting tissue, which can be a challenge when making some cosmetic improvements. A man’s facial structure changes differently with age. Men tend to have less bony support near the eyes, increasing their risk for under-eye bags and sagging eyelids.

What Are the Most Commonly Requested Procedures?

There is also a difference between the types of cosmetic surgeries that men request versus women. Some of the top plastic surgery procedures requested by our male patients in Santa Ana include:

  • Eyelid surgery
  • Face and Necklift Surgery
  • Liposuction
  • Gynecomastia Surgery

One plastic surgery that is offered only to men is gynecomastia, or breast reduction surgery. True gynecomastia is breast enlargement as a result of a hormonal imbalance. It is important to address the underlying medical condition that triggers gynecomastia before surgical reduction, or the condition may recur. Male breasts may also enlarge when they gain weight. However, those fat deposits can be stubborn and may not respond to diet and exercise as you lose weight.

How to Get the Best Results

You can take several steps to get the best results from your procedure. It’s important to research and seek a well-qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon in Santa Ana who could help you realize your goals. It’s also important to be realistic about the outcome of the surgery. Plastic surgery could make a significant difference in the way that you look, but the results should look natural.

You can help reduce the risks from anesthesia and improve your overall healing by stopping smoking and drinking alcohol in the four weeks before and after surgery. Smoking increases the risk of complications during surgery, slows healing, and increases the risk of infection. Remember to eliminate all forms of nicotine, including nicotine gum and patches, as well as e-cigarettes.

Finally, be as healthy as possible before your surgery and pay special attention to eating well-balanced nutritional meals while healing.

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