10 Botox® and Jeuveau® Facts

When it comes to reducing wrinkles and attaining a youthful appearance, the benefits of Botox® and Jeuveau® stand out from the crowd. But as you plan to get this sought-after treatment, you may want to learn more about it first. To help you get started with Botox® and Jeuveau® treatments in Long Beach, CA, here… Read More »

3 Advantages of Choosing Jeuveau® to Reduce The Appearance of Wrinkles

With so many wrinkle-fighting treatments and procedures today, finding one that works for exactly what you want and need can be difficult and overwhelming. More people are turning to minimally invasive methods to tighten their skin and achieve a more youthful appearance, but choosing a brand requires asking the right questions—for example, what exactly is… Read More »

Liquid Facelift: What Treatment Can Do for You

If you are looking for a facial rejuvenation procedure but are not ready to undergo surgery, a liquid facelift may be a good option. The liquid facelift is a customized combination of cosmetic injectables that are carefully selected based on your concerns and goals. Read our infographic below to find out what treatment can do… Read More »

Injectables, Fillers, or Both?

It may be in the eye of the beholder, but beauty starts with the face. Your face is the focal point of what others see. Unfortunately, the years can deliver certain aesthetic issues which will affect facial beauty like horizontal lines across the forehead, crow’s feet about the eyes, sunken cheeks and overlapping folds around… Read More »