Waltzman changed my life. I have never been so pleased with a team like I’ve been with his. While I was looking for a clinic to get my procedure done, I talked to three other surgeons before I talked to him. The three other surgeons did not make me feel as comfortable, secure, nor understood like Watzman and his team made me feel. I knew the second I walked right in, that that place might be my potential yes. His receptionist were so incredibly nice and friendly compared to the other ones. When I talked to Vanessa, Waltzman’s assistant, I was almost ready to come to a decision. With her professionalism and friendliness, she made me feel safe and heard about any questions I had. After talking to Waltzman, I knew it was the place for me. Waltzman was the most attentive, professional and comforting surgeon I had talked to so far. The way he made me feel genuinely safe about the procedure instead of sugarcoating it for me, made me trust this place automatically. Now, after a year of my surgery, I can confidently say that I do not regret a thing. I can also confidently say that if you chose Waltzman, you will will most likely come out satisfied and happy with your results. I promise. They follow up with you after the procedure to make sure everything is doing alright; and every 3 months or so, he shows you the progress you’ve made. I cannot stress enough that if you’ve visited many clinics before and you’re still not convinced, Waltzman is the way to go.