Hip Dip Fat Transfer in Long Beach

If you want to achieve a curvy, hourglass figure, a hip dip fat transfer may be the right solution for you. This minimally invasive body contouring treatment can quickly and effectively transform the look of your waistline to help you achieve a better hip-to-waist ratio.

During this procedure, fat is transferred non-surgically from one part of your body to your hips. You and Dr. Waltzman will decide where the fat is taken from: the stomach, arms, legs. This two-in-one procedure not only transfers fat to where you want, but also helps you lose unwanted fat. For more information about undergoing a hip dip fat transfer in Long Beach, connect with our office today.

Do I Need A Hip Dip Fat Transfer?

For many patients, obtaining an hourglass figure with a balanced hip-to-waist ratio is hard to achieve, even with a strict diet and exercise routine. Many of our patients approach us for this procedure because they do not like the contour or appearance of their hips. The hip dip fat transfer can be an ideal aesthetic solution for our Long Beach patients who desire a more defined waistline and attractive proportions.

What To Expect From Your Hip Dip Fat Transfer Procedure

Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Josh Waltzman, performs the hip dip fat transfer procedure in-house at our office in Long Beach. This procedure uses anesthesia to numb the treatment area and the area from which the fat will be taken (the donor site). Following this treatment, you may not be able to drive, so arrange a ride home in advance.

This is a two-step procedure. The first step is harvesting your fat from the donor site of your choice. Dr. Waltzman will precisely remove excess fat using a fine cannula. You can opt to have your fat removed from your stomach, arms, legs, or glutes. Once the fat is removed, it is purified at our office with laboratory-grade equipment. The purified fat is then re-injected into the treatment site.

This two-step process is typically repeated until the desired results have been achieved. Sometimes the desired result will be achieved in one appointment. However, it is possible that some fat will resorb, and additional fat transfer procedures might be necessary.

The recovery time for your hip dip fat transfer procedure is generally one to two weeks. During your healing time, it is important that you do not put excessive pressure directly on the treatment or donor area to ensure that the fat has the best chance for survival.

Why You Should Choose Our Long Beach Practice

To receive the best service and results, where you obtain your treatment is the most important decision you have to make. The Waltzman Institute is a top destination for both cosmetic plastic surgery and non-surgical procedures. We are staffed by a highly trained, highly qualified team led by our talented Long Beach plastic surgeon, Dr. Waltzman. With us, you and your body are in good hands.

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