4 Aesthetic Options After Breast Implant Removal

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” We are all familiar with this age-old saying, but what the beholder considers “beautiful” is continuously changing – aesthetic concepts of beauty come in and out of popularity. Throughout the ‘90s, large breasts, a la Pamela Anderson in her Baywatch hot-red single piece, were considered the pinnacle… Read More »

When Your Teen Wants Breast Reduction: What the Research Is Saying

We all know the classic comedy Superbad, and undoubtedly can recall Seth and Evan’s dialogue on Cary Hutchins, the high schooler who got life-changing surgery: “I heard she got breast-reduction surgery.” “What? Making your breasts smaller? That’s like slapping God for giving you a gorgeous gift.” “She had back problems, man. And it’s not just… Read More »

Aesthetic Options After Breast Implant Removal

The ever-shifting idea of “beauty” means aesthetic trends come in and out of fashion. The large breast size influenced by the likes of Carmen Electra and Pamela Anderson throughout the ’90s has changed somewhat, as more and more women are pursuing an athletic physique.  For an increasing number of women, breast implant removal is becoming… Read More »

When Your Breast Implants Turn out Small: Your Options

Breast implants – love them or hate them, they remain the most popular plastic surgery procedure in the U.S. With over 300,000 breast augmentation procedures performed last year, the confidence-boosting benefits associated with breast implants are undeniable.  An understandable concern for many breast augmentation patients, however, is being unhappy with the results of the procedure…. Read More »

The Side Boob is the Hot New Cleavage: How to Get Yours

What society considers to be sexy is ephemeral. In fact, ‘sexy’ seems to change almost every decade. From outdated miniature waists and bulging cleavages in corsets to the current trends of thigh gaps and the trout pout, sexy is an ever-evolving aspect of human culture. One thing is for sure though – the subtle sexiness… Read More »

Reasons Breast Fat Transfer Is Getting More Popular

Fat transfer breast augmentation is growing in popularity as a natural alternative to breast implants. In a fat transfer procedure, fat cells are harvested using liposuction from a place on your body where the fat is not wanted — the waist, buttocks, or thighs — and injected into your breasts to increase their volume. Slimming… Read More »