How Long Does Kybella Last?

If you are concerned about the appearance of submental fat or a double chin, getting Kybella® can help you attain a slimmer and contoured chin profile. As the only injectable that is FDA-approved for the treatment of a double chin, Kybella® stands out as a practical and non-surgical solution.

But as you consider going through this minimally invasive treatment, you may be asking yourself: “how long does Kybella® last”? Besides being a common concern, it is also a logical inquiry that helps you manage your expectations and appearance in the long-term.

To help you make an informed decision, here is a quick guide to how long Kybella® results last.

What Is Kybella®?

Kybella® is an injectable treatment that is made from the naturally occurring substance called deoxycholic acid. Since deoxycholic acid in its natural form breaks down fat cells, using its composition in Kybella® delivers the same results and drives stubborn pockets of fat away.

When Kybella® is injected under your chin, it actively targets the fat cells that lead to double chin. As these cells gradually break down and get eliminated through natural body processes, your submental fullness visibly starts to disappear. This leaves you with an enhanced neckline and improves your self-image.

Depending upon the amount of submental fat that you have, you may need to go through 2-3 sessions of Kybella® to get your desired results. These sessions are usually spaced 6 weeks apart. Through this simple treatment plan, you can get rid of the stubborn fat under your chin that does not go away from diet or exercise.

How Long Does Kybella® Last?

Through its deoxycholic acid composition, Kybella® permanently breaks down fat cells across the treatment area. Once this broken-down fat is absorbed and then eliminated by your body, it does not grow back on its own. This means that with Kybella®, you can get long-lasting results that can stay for decades.

Thus, it is crucial that you maintain a healthy lifestyle to maintain your Kybella® results and enjoy a contoured neckline year after year.

How to Maintain Kybella® Results?

You can maintain your Kybella® results by adopting the following practices.

  • Consume a Healthy Diet. Avoid excessive consumption of fatty and sugary foods. Eat healthier items, such as whole foods, whenever possible.
  • Get Regular Exercise. Exercise on a regular basis to keep your body fit. This helps prevent chin fat from accumulating again.
  • Limit Alcohol Consumption. Alcohol can impede your body’s ability to burn fat and also adds extra calories to your diet. Avoiding it can keep excess chin fat at bay.

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