Facial Fat Grafting in Long Beach

Facial fat grafting in Long Beach is a more natural solution to restore facial volume. This procedure uses your own body fat to return—and even add—volume to your face. Not only can you restore lost facial volume, but you can also remove unwanted fat from where you do not want it simultaneously, such as from your stomach or hips. This is just one of the many reasons why this facial surgery is so popular among our patients.

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What Is Facial Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting restores volume to your facial features with your own body fat and is a popular procedure designed to replenish facial fullness and youthfulness. Your fat can be taken from strategic areas of the body where you wish to shed stubborn weight—including the stomach, arms, thighs, glutes, or hips.

Where Can I Obtain Facial Fat Grafting?

Facial fat grafting is most commonly used to add volume to sunken areas on the face. Our Long Beach patients approach us for facial fat grafting to enhance their cheeks, jawline, chin, and lips. Facial fat grafting can also be used to correct the shape and balance of your face—a popular use for this procedure is to enhance cheek and midface contour. It can also be used to correct some facial deformities and irregularities.

Why Is Facial Fat Grafting So Popular?

Facial fat grafting has two major benefits for our Long Beach patients. The first benefit is that your fat is harvested from your own body. Many of our patients take advantage of this process to remove fat from their problem areas. As per your needs, you can choose to remove unwanted fat from your stomach, hips, thighs, or arms.

The second benefit is that since the facial fat grafting procedure uses fat cells from your own body, once it is reinjected into the treatment site, there are extremely rare chances that you will develop an allergic reaction or complication.

What to Expect During Your Facial Fat Grafting Procedure

Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Josh Waltzman, performs the facial fat grafting procedure in-house at our office in Long Beach. We recommend you take the entire day off from work and arrange for a ride home.

The procedure involves two sites: donor and treatment site. The donor site is where you wish to remove the fat: this is typically the stomach, hips, or arms, where fat is most densely packed. The treatment site is where the fat will be injected—typically the cheeks, chin, temples, or lips.

First, Dr. Waltzman will clean and anesthetize the donor and facial treatment sites. Then, the fat grafting procedure begins. Fat is removed from the donor site using a small liposuction cannula. Then, your fat is purified and reinjected into the facial treatment site until the desired results are achieved.

How Many Treatment Sessions Do I Need?

It depends on the type of look you aim to achieve and what your goals are from your facial fat grafting process. In some cases, patients only need one session to achieve their results.

However, many of our patients need a series of fat injection treatments to achieve the desired results or to enhance their effects. We can establish how many facial fat grafting treatment sessions you might need during your initial consultation at our Long Beach office.

Recovery From Your Fat Grafting Procedure

The recovery time for the fat grafting procedure is typically one to two weeks, although it make take several months to see the final results of the fat transfer. It is important that you do not manipulate the treatment area while it heals; otherwise, you risk preventing the fat from settling properly.

Restore Lost Volume With Facial Fat Grafting Treatments in Long Beach

At The Waltzman Institute, we believe in excellence—which is why we are proudly staffed by some of the best nurses in Long Beach, led by our skilled plastic surgeon, Dr. Josh Waltzman. Our team has demonstrated mastery in the field of facial and cosmetic surgery. Our talented medical aesthetic patient care team would be delighted to provide our expertise to help you achieve youthfulness and restore your confidence.

Facial fat grafting is an ideal procedure to help restore lost volume or rebalance your facial features. Many patients have successfully approached us to restore facial volume—you could be next. Call our office today to discuss facial fat grafting in Long Beach in more detail.