Breast Surgery in Long Beach

Our breasts can truly define our identity and sense of self. For women, they establish a sense of femininity and allure. For men—a sense of strength and masculinity. But when our breasts don’t seem to reflect our self-image, we search for ways to make our desires a reality.

Thankfully, there are board-certified plastic surgeons such as Dr. Josh Waltzman who are able to create outstanding results with breast surgery. By offering a wide variety of procedures, Dr. Waltzman can ensure that patients get the correct treatment for their individual needs. Of course, regardless of what type of breast surgery in Long Beach they choose, Dr. Waltzman will perform with the same level of outstanding care and attention to detail; he understands that it’s not just a question of aesthetics—it’s a matter of pride and self-confidence. It’s why creating a warm, supportive experience for breast surgery is so important to him.

Whether you’re enhancing your cleavage or sculpting your chest for a more masculine look, visit Dr. Waltzman at his premiere plastic surgery office, The Waltzman Institute Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation isn’t just the most popular type of breast surgery—it’s also the most popular plastic surgery procedure of all time. It’s for a good reason; breast implants have evolved so quickly in recent years that there are so many different kinds of advanced implants available, and breast augmentation is highly customizable. Long Beach patients choose Dr. Waltzman for augmentation not only because of his extensive experience with breast surgery, but because he’s known for taking the time to help patients customize their breast augmentation. Breast surgery becomes truly personalized when working with a caring surgeon like Dr. Waltzman.

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Breast Lift

When the breasts have sagged due to aging, breastfeeding, or weight loss, a breast lift can lift them to a more youthful position. This kind of breast surgery will remove excess skin, reposition the breasts, reshape the breast mound, and even resize the nipple for a more youthful, balanced look. In the hands of an outstanding plastic surgeon like Dr. Waltzman, a breast lift can help you defy gravity and the tests of time.

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Breast Lift with Implants

Some women need something a little more than the powers of breast augmentation or a breast lift. The solution? A combination breast surgery called breast lift with implants. Because it can lift in addition to creating fullness in the breast, the breast lift with implants is optimal for women suffering from the effects of breastfeeding, aging, or weight loss.

If you qualify for a single-stage procedure, this combined breast surgery has the added benefit of creating a single, convenient recovery period. It’s truly the comprehensive breast surgery experience in Long Beach.

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Breast Reduction

“Bigger is better” is not always breast surgery’s mantra. For some, enhancement means reducing the size of the breasts to a more manageable volume. In fact, women with overly-large breasts often suffer from a variety of health problems from backaches to sore shoulders. If women want more balanced breasts, Dr. Waltzman can perform breast surgery that resizes the breasts in to a more balanced and harmonious form. With a breast reduction, women can enjoy freedom of movement, peace of mind, and confidence in their body.

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Breast Reconstruction

You’ve survived breast cancer; a natural next step is to restore normalcy in your life with a breast reconstruction. Dr. Waltzman can help women regain their sense of femininity by rebuilding the breasts. He’ll work with highly-trained surgical oncologists to create a personalized treatment plan to give you the most natural results possible and ensure that you get the right treatment. Like with any breast surgery, no two reconstruction procedures are the same – that makes it all the more important that you work with a skilled surgeon like Dr. Waltzman that can tailor your breast surgery towards your unique needs.

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Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia surgery is a plastic surgery procedure designed to combat a frustrating condition where men develop enlarged breast tissue. With this kind of breast surgery, Dr. Waltzman can remove the fatty and breast tissue responsible for gynecomastia and sculpt the chest to create a more masculine contour. With gynecomastia surgery, Dr. Waltzman allows men to have the kind of breast surgery that returns their pride and sense of masculinity.

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Breast Revision

Sometimes, patients don’t get the right results the first time around. If a patient in Long Beach needs to fix a complication from a previous breast surgery, they can undergo a breast revision. Breast revision can revise any type of breast surgery from augmentation, to breast lift, and breast reduction. With a procedure as complex as breast revision, you should trust nothing less than an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Waltzman.

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