Avéli® Cellulite Treatment in Long Beach

If you are concerned about the appearance of lumpy or dimpled skin along your thighs and buttocks, you are not alone. Known as cellulite, this cosmetic condition affects 90 percent of women after puberty.

While the availability of targeted cellulite treatment options remains scarce, The Waltzman Institute Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics is proud to offer the Avéli® cellulite treatment in Long Beach. Through this minimally invasive procedure, we can help you get rid of cellulite across the buttocks and thighs.

As a board-certified plastic surgeon in Long Beach, CA, Dr. Josh Waltzman has the experience and expertise to resolve your aesthetic concerns while keeping your goals and safety in mind. To see how Dr. Waltzman can help you achieve your desired results with Avéli®, schedule your consultation today.

before and after Aveli at Waltzman Institute Plastic Surgery

What Is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a depression of any shape or size seen on the surface of the skin, typically on the buttocks or thighs. A major underlying cause of cellulite are the fibrous bands that tether your skin to the structures below. These bands are called septa. Some septa are good (and you want them as connective tethers), but others stiffen or shrink over time and lead to the dimples we see on the surface and call cellulite.

Cellulite can appear at any age and causes the skin to appear to have bumpy, uneven texture. It creates unsightly dimples along the otherwise smooth appearance of your skin. While it does not cause any pain, it can affect your day to day life by hindering your confidence and making it undesirable to show your thighs or wear tight clothing.

What Is Avéli®?

Avéli® is a minimally invasive treatment that is created to resolve the appearance of cellulite dimples from the buttocks and thighs. Besides being the first procedure of its kind, it is also the only approach that successfully resolves cellulite dimples in a single session without invasive surgery.

As a targeted cellulite treatment in Long Beach, Avéli® specifically resolves cellulite dimples across your areas of concern. However, it does not address skin laxity or excess buildup of fat. For those concerns, you can look into body contouring or liposuction procedures, respectively.

How Does Avéli® Work?

The Avéli® treatment is performed at our Long Beach office with a specialized device that interacts with tissue bands under your skin that form cellulite dimples. As these bands release within your skin, the dimples that form on its surface reduce and disappear overtime. This provides you with smoother, more youthful, and dimple-free skin for your physique.

Avéli® has little to no downtime. Typically, you can get back to your normal activities within one to two days after your treatment.

What Happens During an Avéli® Treatment?

When you reach out to Dr. Waltzman regarding your Avéli® treatment in Long Beach, you can expect to go through the following steps.

First and foremost, Dr. Waltzman performs a hands-on consultation to understand your goals and concerns, as well as your medical history and safety profile. If you are a viable candidate for Avéli® cellulite treatment, you can move forward with the procedure.

During your treatment session, you can expect to experience the following steps.

  • You will receive local anesthesia to prevent discomfort and pain during the procedure.
  • Dr. Waltzman will make small incisions into the area of concern to insert the Avéli® cellulite treatment device under your skin.
  • Dr. Waltzman will determine the appearance of tissue or septa bands under your skin that are forming cellulite dimples. These bands will then be released with the Avéli® device.
  • Dr. Waltzman will ensure that your skin looks visibly smoother before he concludes the treatment, removes the device, and tends to your incisions.
  • You will recover in the clinic before going home the same day.

before and after Aveli at Waltzman Institute Plastic Surgery

Embrace Smooth Skin with the Avéli® Cellulite Treatment in Long Beach

With the experience and qualifications of Dr. Waltzman, you can rest assured to receive your Avéli® cellulite treatment in Long Beach in a safe, effective manner. To achieve your desired figure, contact Dr. Waltzman and our team to schedule your consultation today.

Avéli in Long Beach FAQs

The ideal candidate for Avéli® typically has the following characteristics:

  • Appearance of cellulite dimples across the buttocks or thighs
  • Overall good health
  • Expectations of realistic results
  • Non-smoker or willing to pause smoking before and after the procedure

Avéli® only requires one session to administer the treatment. Most patients do not require a second Avéli® treatment and receive long-lasting results from their first and only treatment session.

You can go home right after going through your Avéli® cellulite treatment. However, you may need to rest for 24 to 48 hours after your procedure before resuming your regular activities. Dr. Waltzman can provide you with personalized recommendations on when to start with more strenuous activities, such as exercising.

You may experience pain, bruising, and tenderness along the treatment site. While the pain typically subsides within 24 hours of your treatment, bruising and tenderness may remain for a few weeks (up to 30 days). You may also notice hardened tissue along the treatment site that resolves by itself within a couple of months.

While the treatment outcome is immediately evident to your Avéli® provider, you may need at least a month for the bruising and tenderness to subside before you can see visible results over the surface of your skin.