Renuvion in Long Beach

One of the effects of aging is that skin loses collagen and elasticity, causing it to sag, droop, wrinkle, or appear hollow. For many of those who are experiencing skin looseness, a face, neck, or body lift seems to be their only option. However, they may not be ready to undergo a full surgery to improve their appearance and look for different options. Dr. Waltzman now has a revolutionary new procedure that can tighten skin anywhere on the face or body with a less invasive option. The minimally-invasive Renuvion powered by J-Plasma produces visible results with little downtime and less scarring. Interested in learning more about what Renuvion in Long Beach can do for you? Here’s the information you need.

What Is Renuvion? Woman walking toward the camera on a sunny beach

Renuvion is FDA-approved and works by passing helium plasma energy underneath the skin, tightening and elevating without the need for more invasive surgery. The technology can be used on the body where skin has begun to loosen or it can be used on the face and neck with a procedure called Renuvion Lyft for the Face and Neck.

Helium, which is usually found as an inert, non-reactive gas, becomes a reactive plasma state when ionized with radio frequency energy. When it contacts the undersurface of the skin, the result is a skin tightening process that cannot be matched by other current technologies like lasers, ultrasound, or radio frequency. The helium is also much cooler than lasers, making it a safer and more comfortable process.

Renuvion as a Skin Resurfacer

Renuvion can also be used on the surface of the skin to soften lines, wrinkles, pores, and hyperpigmentation. This can be a good alternative to traditional chemical peels or laser treatments and can produce even more visible results. Many times, Dr. Waltzman will suggest using Renuvion in Long Beach both on the surface of the face and beneath the skin of the neck if the patient is interested in tightening as well as brightening and improving the texture of their skin.

What Can Renuvion® address?

Renuvion® is designed to fix many common skin issues. These include:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles, particularly around the eyes, nose, lips and forehead
  • Loose, baggy skin that has lost its youthful snap
  • Uneven tan and discoloration caused by erratic and unprotected sun exposure
  • Brown spots, freckles, liver spots and sun spots
  • Sagging, puffy eyelids

While Renuvion® produces outstanding results as a stand-alone procedure, it is also highly beneficial as a complementary procedure to enhance the results from other techniques such as dermal fillers, Botox®, or a brow lift.

What Is the Renuvion Procedure?

Renuvion is done by Dr. Waltzman in a Long Beach surgery center under sedation or general anesthesia, depending on which body parts are being treated. After anesthesia is administered, tiny incisions are made in the area that is to be treated. Then, through these same incisions, a special device delivers the helium plasma energy to the undersurface to help tighten the tissues. This energy not only tightens, but it also stimulates collagen which will enhance results of the procedure over the next few months. The treatment can take between 30 minutes and 1-2 hours depending on which parts of the body are being treated.

What Happens After a Renuvion Procedure?

Patients who undergo a Renuvion skin tightening procedure in Long Beach will experience light bruising and swelling, but this usually fades within a week. Most patients are back to their normal schedules within two to three days. Any mild pain or discomfort can be relieved with over-the-counter pain medication. The tiny incisions leave little to no scarring and any scars should fade to near invisibility a few months after the procedure.

When Renuvion is used for facial resurfacing, the downtime can be a bit longer. Patients can expect to have approximately two weeks of swelling, redness, and peeling and may want to remain at home while this process occurs. They will need to use facial creams and gently cleanse their skin during this time to facilitate healing. After two weeks, makeup can be used to cover any redness that remains and final healing should take place after about six weeks.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Renuvion?

Good candidates for Renuvion are both men and women in Long Beach who have mild sagging of the cheeks, jowls, neck, or other parts of their bodies. For those with more advanced signs of aging in their faces, Dr. Waltzman will often suggest a facelift instead as it will produce more dramatic results. For those with excessively sagging skin on the body paired with stretch marks, Dr. Waltzman will often suggest a body contouring surgery such as a thigh or butt lift as Renuvion works better for skin that has not yet reached this level.

However, for those who are not ready to undergo surgery, a Renuvion procedure can be the perfect way to delay surgery and achieve quick and visible results. Ideal patients are within five to ten pounds of their ideal weight, are non-smokers, and are in good health. They also have realistic expectations for the procedure. They are also those who do not want to pay the added expense or take the additional downtime that comes with a face lift or other body contouring procedure.

Results of Renuvion

Results from Renuvion are seen after a single treatment. You will start to see results within a few days as swelling subsides, but you will not see full results for six to nine months as it takes this long for collagen to be stimulated. Dr. Waltzman encourages those who have Renuvion treatments in Long Beach to be patient as results take time to be fully visible.

Combining Renuvion with Other Procedures for Enhanced Results

Depending on a patient’s goals, Dr. Waltzman may often suggest using Renuvion in Long Beach in addition to another surgery or procedure to provide overall enhanced results. The most common types of procedures used with Renuvion are liposuction, tummy tucks, and facial injectables like dermal fillers and neurotoxins. With liposuction or tummy tucks where fat is being removed, Renuvion can supplement the procedure by tightening the surrounding tissue to avoid loose or sagging skin. When Renuvion is used on the face or neck to tighten jowls or sagging cheeks or chins, dermal fillers or neurotoxins can be used to address other signs of aging in the area such as fine lines and wrinkles or loss of volume for an overall rejuvenated face.

Schedule Your Renuvion Consultation in Long Beach

Want to know more about the Renuvion treatment and if it could be right for you? The best way to find out is to schedule a consultation with Long Beach, California-based plastic surgeon Dr. Waltzman. He has performed hundreds of facial and body procedures in his clinic over the years and has a high level of experience as well as expertise. During your consultation, Dr. Waltzman will perform a physical examination of the area you want to tighten. He will then find out your goals and recommend whether Renuvion in Long Beach will be appropriate or if you should consider other options.

During your consultation, be prepared to ask any questions you have about the Renuvion procedure, including preparing for, undergoing, and recovering from it. You can also ask about combining treatments to produce enhanced results on either your face or body.++

If you are interested in finding out if Renuvion is a good fit for you, schedule your consultation with Dr. Waltzman today!