Breast Reduction in Long Beach

Excessively large breasts can be caused by genetics, but breast enlargement may also develop after weight gain, pregnancy, or breastfeeding. Women with large breasts often experience physical pain, skin irritation, social anxiety, and a reduced ability to stay physically active. Breast reduction surgery can relieve these symptoms and restore a more balanced appearance to your figure.

Breast reduction surgery, also called “reduction mammoplasty,” is designed to remove excess breast fat, glandular tissues, and skin. The nipple-areolar complexes can also be resized and repositioned as needed. This transformative breast surgery can improve posture, increase confidence, and give you the freedom to fit easily into more clothing styles. Many of Dr. Waltzman’s breast reduction patients feel that their procedure is life-changing and allows them to finally maintain an active, healthy lifestyle.

Learn more about breast reduction in Long Beach with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Josh Waltzman by reading on or scheduling a consultation today. We are located in Long Beach, CA, and proudly serve patients from all over the Los Angeles area and Southern California.

When Is It Time to Consider a Breast Reduction?

You may want to consider a breast reduction in Long Beach if you exhibit the following:

  • Large, pendulous breasts that cause chronic neck, back, and shoulder pain
  • Skin irritation and rashes on the skin beneath the breasts and under the bra straps
  • Enlarged areolas due to stretched skin
  • Nipples rest significantly below the breast crease when unsupported
  • The weight of your breasts interferes with your ability to be physically active

Women considering reduction mammoplasty should also not be pregnant. If you are planning on becoming pregnant, it’s important to understand that the weight fluctuations and hormonal changes of pregnancy can negatively affect your long-term results. If you’ve recently given birth, you should wait at least 6 months before considering breast surgery.

Your Consultation for a Breast Reduction in Long Beach

Dr. Waltzman understands that women in Long Beach considering breast reduction surgery may feel overwhelmed with their options, which is why he holds comforting, informative consultations. At your consultation, Dr. Waltzman will explain the procedure in detail, discuss which surgical technique would best meet your needs, and evaluate your breasts to determine the extent of treatment needed.

This process also includes evaluating your general health, taking detailed measurements and photos, and assessing the quality of the breast skin and the placement of the nipple-areolar complex. Based on the information obtained, he will recommend a course of treatment that meets your needs.

Dr. Waltzman will also guide you through your full range of options to achieve the look you desire. Women seeking breast reduction often want to improve the look of their overall body contours. Procedures like liposuction and abdominoplasty can remove stubborn fat, eliminate excess skin, and restore a slimmer body shape. Whichever procedure you choose, Dr. Waltzman is committed to delivering superior results that complement the natural architecture of your body.

How Reduction Mammoplasty Is Performed

The goal of reduction mammoplasty in Long Beach is to reduce volume while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing shape and contour of the breasts, improve your self-image, and allow you to be physically active again without discomfort.

This procedure is most commonly performed using the following techniques:


In the case of large breasts caused mostly by fatty tissue, liposuction alone can reduce size. This procedure is ideal for women who do not have excess skin or dense breasts that are mostly composed of glandular tissue. Good candidates for this procedure should also have good skin quality and minimal sagging. A liposuction breast reduction requires minimal incisions, so the downtime is quick and patients can expect to experience less discomfort during their recovery.

Donut Incision

With this technique, the incision is made around the borders of the areola in the shape of a donut. Excess breast tissue and fat are removed, then the resized areolas are moved to a higher position. The scars produced by this procedure are easily concealed under clothing and swimsuits. This technique is ideal for women who need a mild-to-moderate reduction of breast size.

Lollipop Incision

This incision is made around the edge of the areola, and it also includes a vertical incision that starts at the bottom edge of the areola and goes down to the breast crease. A greater amount of excess fat and breast tissue can be removed with this procedure, and the areolas can be resized and moved to a higher position. Dr. Waltzman can also create well-rounded, projected breasts with this technique by restructuring the internal tissue. The lollipop technique is a good option for women who are seeking a moderate reduction of breast size.

Anchor Incision

This technique offers a significant reduction of breast size. The incision is similar to the one used for the lollipop technique, but it includes a horizontal incision along the breast crease as well. Large amounts of excess fat, breast tissue, and skin are then removed, and the areolas are resized and repositioned. While the anchor technique produces the most scarring, it can significantly reduce the size of the breasts.

Want to See What Breast Reduction Surgery in Long Beach Can Do for You?

If you would like to enjoy the many benefits that breast reduction in Long Beach can offer you, you must first meet with a highly trained and qualified plastic surgeon. Dr. Josh Waltzman is a Long Beach breast reduction surgeon who strives for outstanding results and total patient satisfaction. Contact Dr. Waltzman’s team by filling out our online form today!

FAQS About Breast Reduction Surgery in Long Beach, CA

During the first week, your breasts may feel sore and swollen, but Dr. Waltzman will prescribe pain medication to alleviate any discomfort. At 2 weeks post-op, you should start feeling much better, and most of your symptoms will have resolved by this point.

Most patients return to work and other activities after about 2 weeks, but strenuous exercise should be avoided for 4-6 weeks. You may have residual swelling that persists for months, but it’s important to understand that this is a natural part of the healing process.

Yes. Breast tissue is affected by weight loss and weight gain. Aging, pregnancy, and menopause all affect your hormones, which naturally affect your breasts as well. Young women who have this procedure may experience breast growth due to weight gain, oral contraceptives, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. In some cases, a revision surgery may be needed.

Many of Dr. Waltzman’s breast reduction patients have had success with breastfeeding after their procedure. However, there is the potential for the need to supplement feeding with formula.

Yes. Dr. Waltzman offers gynecomastia surgery for men with enlarged breasts.

Every patient’s needs are different and will therefore need a unique treatment plan. For this reason, it’s not ideal to generalize pricing. We can provide you with a detailed cost breakdown after you meet with Dr. Waltzman in a personalized consultation.

Dr. Waltzman is adept in several cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgeries, including breast augmentation, fat transfer breast augmentation, breast lifts, breast implant removal, and more. You can see a summary of each procedure by visiting our breast surgery overview page.