10 Things to do Before Your Breast Augmentation

You’ve decided you want a breast augmentation – great! It’s an empowering move to take your appearance and happiness into your own hands.

But now, what to do before your appointment? Here are ten easy tips to follow that will ensure you get the most out of your breast augmentation procedure.

1. Find Someone You Want to Emulate

Getting the right implant size is crucial. One of the best ways to find your suitable implant size is to find someone else with the look that you’d like. You can then discuss their physique with your surgeon, and the surgeon can recommend the appropriate size to get you the look you want.

2. Think About Your Lifestyle

If you an active person, you’ll want to err on the side of smaller implants. This ensures maximum aesthetic results while maintaining comfort and functionality during your workouts and daily activities.

3. Do the Rice Test

Performing this simple at home-test can help you visualize the implant size you want. Just fill an old pantyhose with different amounts of rice and wear them in a larger bra – you can change the volume of rice until you find the size you like, and then show this to your plastic surgeon.

4. Good Nutrition

Eating a balanced diet will prepare your body for the surgery and a speedy recovery. Be sure to also drink plenty of water!

5. Quit Smoking

As with nutrition, abstaining from smoking will put your body, skin, and immune system in prime condition to recover from the procedure and gain the best results.

6. Book Time Off Work

You’ll need at least a full week of “you-time” after your surgery. It’s best to do this in the comfort of your home, so you’ll need to schedule vacation days ahead of time

7. Clear Your Social Calendar for One to Two Weeks

You want to be entirely comfortable before discussing your new implants with people – because they’ll ask. Give yourself plenty of time to adjust before venturing outside.

8. Freeze Some Meals, Prepare Some Books

Prepare your home for a smooth recovery. Having meals ready to go, books prepared to read, and a list of movies and series you want to binge through as you recover will make the time fly.

9. Prepare Yourself for Awkward Questions

Nowadays, people generally lack tact and finesse. You need to prepare yourself for unlikely inappropriate comments and questions – just take them in stride and prepare some answers.

10. Get Ready for the New You!

Breast augmentation is a significant life choice and one that can greatly improve your confidence and happiness. To arrange your consultation with Long Beach, Ca’s leading plastic surgeon, contact Dr. Josh Waltzman at (562) 448-6100 or fill out his online form. Begin your journey towards the new you now!