3 Signs you Need a Face and Neck Lift

From constant facial expressions to over-exposure to the sun, the aging process manifests more obviously on the face and neck. This creates facial and neck skin that loses its elasticity earlier than other body parts, making the face and neck problem areas for patients concerned about signs of aging.

For many patients, getting a facelift or a neck lift can be an empowering, revitalizing life decision. Here are 3 of the most common signs that indicate you might benefit from a facelift or a neck lift.

Forehead Lines and Wrinkles on the Face

Forehead and facial wrinkling, particularly in more advanced stages, is highly indicative of the need for a facelift.

As we age, our skin loses its’ elasticity, which leads to for eventual formation of deep furrows in our brows and upper face. A facelift removes some of this excess skin and repositions the remaining skin over the facial structure, providing a smooth and youthful appearance.

Poorly Defined Jawline

In our youth, muscle and fatty tissue gave our facial features (particularly the jawline) definition and contour. The aging process seems this muscle and fatty tissue diminish, leading to a soft, under-spoken jawline which many find unattractive. A neck lift repositions the skin around the jawbone and gives a revitalized definition to the area.

Hollow Cheeks

Hollow cheeks are another common issue with aging. While dermal fillers can provide some respite from sunken, hollow cheeks, the real results come from a facelift that repositions the fatty deposits back to the cheeks.

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