5 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Liquid Facelift

Before proceeding with a liquid facelift, it is essential to consider all of the factors that play a role in the procedure, such as possible risks, side effects, and any alternatives to the treatment approach. You must choose the correct facial rejuvenation procedure for you to feel confident with your results. 

While you may experience a faster recovery with liquid facelifts, you will still experience minor bruising and swelling for one week after the procedure. These healing reactions will go away on their own, without the need for intervention. 

If you reside in the Long Beach, CA area, you can work with expert Aesthetic Nurse Carissa Brown at The Waltzman Institute. At The Waltzman Institute, you can expect natural-looking results from surgeons prepared to provide the best care possible for their patients. Read on for five essential pieces of information as you consider getting a liquid facelift. 

1. Possible Side Effects

All filler injections have the risk of bruising and swelling.. Likewise, keep in mind that the bruising and swelling under the eye area may take longer to heal than in other areas of the face.

2. Common Treatment Areas

Common treatment areas for liquid facelifts include the sides of the mouth, the cheeks, the temples, and the jowls. Additional areas may also be pursued for treatment, including close to the eyebrows and other parts of the face where volume loss may be present. 

3. Aftercare for Best Results

Following your procedure, be sure to take the proper measures for care, including applying cold packs to the targeted area, taking recommended pain reliever medications to minimize pain from healing, and informing your doctor of any allergic reactions.

4. The Cost Factors Involved

Various factors influence the cost of the liquid facelift procedure. These include the number of injections, the injector you work with, and the type of injection. Where your procedure will take place also factors into the cost, as some practices may charge more than others.  Cheaper does not mean better.  This is your face!

5. Work with Board-Certified Experts 

Working only with board-certified experts is essential to ensure that you receive the results you deserve in your liquid facelift. You might also ask for before and after images of previous patients to understand what to expect in your results.

Pursue Facial Rejuvenation at The Waltzman Institute

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