A saline breast implant that feels like silicone? That’s IDEAL!

The Waltzman Institute is proud to introduce the IDEAL IMPLANT as an option for breast augmentation candidates. Dr. Waltzman is one of the first plastic surgeons to offer this implant in Southern California. It is an exciting time in breast implant technology, as the IDEAL IMPLANT is filled with saline for your peace of mind, but has the natural feel of silicone.

How is this possible, do you ask? The IDEAL IMPLANT has internal supporting structures (chambers and shells) that control the movement of the saline. This technology has been in clinical use since February 2009 and has been approved by the FDA and Health Canada. It is only available to board certified or board eligible plastic surgeons. It is exclusive in this area to Dr. Waltzman due to his board certification and high level of experience with aesthetic procedures.

The IDEAL IMPLANT is perfect for patients that prefer the feel of silicone, but will only opt for saline for the reason of not wanting a “silent” rupture. Typically, if there is a rupture with a silicone implant, an MRI is one of the only ways of knowing (“silent” rupture). With saline, the solution is merely absorbed back into the body naturally causing no harm, and a simple look in the mirror will show that one has deflated.

The IDEAL IMPLANT is easy to insert and remove (if necessary), because the incision is much smaller than a silicone breast implant.

Now, the greatest downsides of saline implants have been eliminated! In older saline implant models the saline would collect at the bottom causing a sagging feel and look. Additionally, the edges of the older saline implant models would fold and wrinkle causing the implant to be detected just by looking at it. Folds and wrinkles in saline implants have been the main cause of rupture in the past. This new design truly is IDEAL!


  • More natural look and feel
  • Achieves a seamless contour with the chest wall
  • Peace of mind regarding rupture
  • Smaller incision than silicone implant requires
  • Low capsular contracture rate

Feel beautiful and secure with IDEAL implants! Available at The Waltzman Institute.

To determine candidacy please contact Dr. Waltzman’s office at (562) 448-6100, or click here to set an appointment online.