Aesthetic Options After Breast Implant Removal

The ever-shifting idea of “beauty” means aesthetic trends come in and out of fashion. The large breast size influenced by the likes of Carmen Electra and Pamela Anderson throughout the ’90s has changed somewhat, as more and more women are pursuing an athletic physique. 

For an increasing number of women, breast implant removal is becoming a way of doing away with their large implants and achieving a sleeker physique, which is representative of their active and healthy lifestyle. Other reasons, such as complications with the initial implants and body changes due to aging and pregnancy, may also influence women to consider breast implant removal. Some women, however, get breast implants removed to go larger!

For whatever reason you choose to seek breast implant removal, it is essential to know what the procedure will involve. Also, knowing how the surgery will affect your breasts, and most importantly, what options are available to ensure you are happy with the appearance of your breasts after Dr. Waltzman has taken the implants out.

Implant Removal Procedure

Information is crucial, both to plan for breast implant removal treatment and recovery, but also to decide if the procedure is right for you. 

The breast removal process is quite similar to that of the breast augmentation process, so you will already have a good idea of what to expect. Taking around an hour, your surgeon will make incisions along the original lines to minimize scarring. Depending on the type of breast implant removal you are receiving, Dr. Waltzman will then either remove the implant itself or the implant and the surrounding scar tissue. The extent of your surgery depends on the reason behind your breast implant removal and is something you’ll determine with Dr. Waltzman before the procedure.

The recovery process is very similar to that of breast augmentation, with reduced activity for two to three weeks, keeping the incisions dry and clean until healed, and plenty of rest, hydration, and relaxation being top priorities.

Aesthetic Reconstruction Options

After Dr. Waltzman has removed the implants, he will reconstruct your breast according to what you decided during your implant removal consultation and your desired aesthetic outcome for the procedure. 

Depending on the size of implants removed, breasts often appear deflated, loose, droopy, and saggy after explant surgery. There are several procedures available to you to restore shape and firmness to your breasts. 

Breast Implant Exchange

Thirty-five percent of all breast implant removal procedures take place because the patient desires larger implants. This issue occurs due to poor initial communication between the patient and surgeon, with the patient being unclear on how much of a difference the implants will make. 

Once Dr. Waltzman removes the undersized implants, he will replace them with larger ones, which will help better achieve your desired aesthetic look. 

Breast Lift

If your reasoning for removing your breast implants was to downsize for a more athletic physique or due to discomfort associated with the implants, many surgeons will recommend a breast lift done in conjunction with the implant removal. 

Once stretched, our skin can only naturally retract a certain amount, resulting in loose skin after you get implants removed from your breasts. 

A breast lift involves your surgeon expertly removing excess skin and repositioning remaining skin higher to get a firm, tight, youthful bust. Dr. Waltzman can add liposuction, if desired, to perfect the contours of your newly positioned breasts.

Fat Transfer

Fat transfer augmentation is another method of maintaining an increased breast size without the use of implants. In a fat transfer breast augmentation, your surgeon will first remove the implants and then take fat from a donor region of your body (typically, the hips, thighs, or lower abdomen). After purifying the fat cells, Dr. Waltzman then transplants them to the breasts in areas that provide your desired aesthetic look.

Next Steps

Unfortunately, many women require breast explant surgery because they are unhappy about the results from their initial augmentation procedure. That’s why it is vital to look for an expert surgeon to perform your initial augmentation – and even more so when choosing a surgeon to remove the implants.

Surgeries performed on the breasts post-augmentation are trickier due to the formation of scar tissue and changes in natural body shape. If you are looking for breast implant removal, know that additional work is likely necessary to provide an appealing aesthetic result.

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