Bigger Is Not Necessarily Better, And Here’s Why

Whenever you are looking through cosmetic surgery options, the idea to go big or go home may come to mind. From breast augmentation surgery to lip fillers, this approach may seem true for almost every enhancement.
But bigger is, in fact, not better in every case. While getting the most popular implant size or the highest lip filler size options may seem like a good idea at first, the approach does not pay off in terms of a naturally beautiful aesthetic.
To help you improve your looks while steering clear of any unwanted results, here is why you should reel back from selecting a bigger size of enhancements in every cosmetic surgery.

Your Cosmetic Enhancements Should Be Seamless

Unless you deliberately want to stand out among others with a single glance, your cosmetic surgery procedures should blend in seamlessly with your natural features. This not only provides you with a positively stunning look but also goes a long way towards improving your comfort.
For instance, if you are going for breast augmentation, your selected implant size should be in line with the rest of your figure. Otherwise, a size that is too big for your petite frame or too small for the rest of your curves may immediately stick out to others. This also holds true for lip fillers, where a large enhancement may take the attention off the rest of your facial features. Due to this reason, it is crucial to select cosmetic enhancements that complement your existing looks, features, and figure.

Larger Size of Enhancements Can Cause Problems

When it comes to enhancements such as breast augmentation, selecting larger sizes can cause a variety of physical problems as well. For instance, if you choose an implant size that is too big for your frame, you may end up experiencing problems such as backache or exhaustion. That is why some of the most popular implant size options range around 350 cubic centimeters (CCs) to 500 CCs.
This phenomenon also holds true for lip fillers, where a large amount of filler may end up causing discomfort to you. Keeping this in mind, you should choose your lip filler size options from moderate choices. For many people, a single syringe of a filler is sufficient for the procedure.

You Should Consult with A Qualified Surgeon

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