Botox, Jeuveau, and Dysport- What’s the Best Option for Me?

With the vast array of anti-aging injectable products now available on the market, choosing the correct one can seem daunting.

Here, Dr. Josh Waltzman aims to clear the water surrounding three of the most popular cosmetic treatments: Botox, Jeuveau, and Dysport.

No More Wrinkles – of Different Varieties

The main goal of any injectable product is to reduce the appearance of wrinkling and slow the aging process. There are two primary types of wrinkles: dynamic and static. When muscle movement and facial expressions make the appearance of fine lines more prominent, we have dynamic wrinkles. When muscles become permanently fixed in a position that’s causes wrinkles, we have static wrinkles.

Dynamic and static wrinkles happen at different stages and in different parts of the face. Dynamic wrinkles come first, and frequently include crows’ feet surrounding the eyes and smokers’ lines around the lips. Static wrinkles occur when dynamic wrinkles have been there for some years, particularly around the nose and forehead.

The main differences between Botox, Jeuveau, and Dysport are mostly based on what types of wrinkles and lines they best treat. All three products are derivatives of a botulinum toxin that causes localized paralysis once injected into certain areas of the face.


Botox is the heavier-duty product, used for noticeable static wrinkles in the forehead. The product doesn’t disperse much from the injection site. As such, it’s useful in treating permanently contracted muscles that cause forehead wrinkles.


Dysport works via the same mechanisms as Botox, but the chemical compound is slightly finer. It also disperses over a larger area. Thus, it is less specific but instrumental in treating fine dynamic wrinkles, particularly surrounding the nose and lips.


Jeuveau is very similar to Botox but is also prepared using a different purification process. This means that depending on the patient, Jeuveau may last longer than Botox and Dysport. The opposite may also be true, and thus can be determined in consultation with your plastic surgeon.

Learn More!

All three products are highly useful anti-aging solutions. Which one you choose depends on your desired aesthetic goals and problem areas; often, patients get the best results from a combination of injectable products. This includes other injectable dermal fillers. Other patients get the best results from a non-invasive liquid facelift – it depends entirely on you!

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