Breast Augmentation: 5 Questions To Ask Your Plastic Surgeon Before Surgery

With its ability to enhance breast size and shape to their desired aesthetic, breast augmentation has become an effective and popular procedure for women. If you are considering having breast enhancement surgery in Long Beach, California, there are several factors to consider when making such an important decision. You want to discover all you can about your prospective surgeon’s skills, experience, and credentials.

Asking relevant questions not only puts your mind at ease about the procedure but also helps you find a seasoned surgeon you can trust with your health.

Keep reading for five crucial questions you need to be asking your plastic surgeon before your surgery.

1. Are You A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon?

While this first question may seem basic, it is one of the most important questions you can ask a plastic surgeon before any procedure. Having this information will let you know that your surgeon has the proper training and experience in breast augmentation plastic surgery.

The American Board of Plastic Surgery only certifies those providers who have a firm grasp over their chosen field and remain up to date with the latest innovations and techniques. For this reason, the answer to this question determines if the plastic surgeon you are consulting has the skills, education, and credibility to handle your breast augmentation.

2. What Are Your Reoperation Rates?

Another important breast augmentation question to ask your plastic surgeon relates directly to their success rate with the breast augmentation procedure. As the term suggests, a reoperation rate refers to follow-up breast augmentation-related surgeries after the actual procedure.

Suppose a surgeon’s reoperation rate goes beyond a quarter of the total surgeries they perform. In that case, it is an indicator that they either face complications in their procedures or remain unable to satisfy their clients. You should only move forward with the surgeon if they have a low reoperation rate.

3. What Are The Risks And Complications?

Breast augmentation comes with some amazing life-changing benefits, but it also has its own set of risks and complications. This question allows you to understand the risks involved with your surgery and recovery, as well as the best approaches to deal with them.

A qualified and experienced surgeon will make it a point to explain everything to you in detail and assure you that all safety practices are diligently followed. If the surgeon you are speaking to tries to brush off your concerns, that could indicate that you should find another provider.

4. What Shape And Size Of Implants Are The Best For Me?

As for the other breast augmentation questions, this question is also crucial to your procedure. While your surgeon may ask you to share your desires about the shape and size of your implants, they will also have a professional opinion of their own.

By openly asking for this suggestion, you’ll fully understand the surgeon’s thinking about the shape and size of the implants you are considering.

5. What Will The Recovery Process Look Like?

By asking for details of the recovery process, you are better position to decide whether this is the right time for you to have the procedure performed by the surgeon.

The question relates to your recovery after breast augmentation and details what to expect during post-op care. It also covers your concerns about getting back to normal after your surgery.

Having the answer is also critical because it manages your expectations about the procedure and lets you see how much of a commitment post-op care will be for you. As a result, you will be able to go into surgery while knowing precisely the essential steps to your recovery.

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