Crisalix 3D: Plastic Surgery Results without Surprises

While looking at before and after photos of other people who have undergone the cosmetic procedure that you are considering can be a good way to get an idea of what you can expect, it forces you to guess at what your own results may be like.

Thanks to developments in plastic surgery technology, patients no longer have to fear unwanted surprises from their procedure results. Now there is a state-of-the-art program called Crisalix 3D that can let you visualize the approximate results of your plastic surgery without having to guess. At The Waltzman Institute, we are committed to using every means possible to improve our patient experience and give them the best possible outcomes. This blog post introduces the technology that we are using to remove the surprises in plastic surgery results.

How does Crisalix 3D Work?

When you come in for your consultation with Crisalix 3D, we will first take pictures of the area you would like to treat.  Once these are uploaded, Crisalix 3D generates a 3D model on the screen of your body that perfectly matches your shape, size, and proportions.  As you talk through your procedure(s) with Dr. Waltzman, he can input the specifics into the program, and it will automatically generate your results on your model.  Regardless of which procedure(s) you are considering, Crisalix 3D can be used to show you the most approximate results.  We use it often with our patients who are considering:

What are the Benefits of Using this Program?

The most immediate benefit to visualizing your surgery results with Crisalix 3D is that you will instantly know what to expect from the procedure on your body. Many patients have a hard time envisioning how a procedure will make their body look just by viewing other patient results, and with Crisalix 3D, you don’t have to do this anymore.

Another important advantage of being able to see your results with Crisalix 3D is that it can enhance your consultation, helping you to communicate more clearly with Dr. Waltzman about what you want and helping you to make important decisions about your procedure.  For instance, many of our breast augmentation patients are not completely decided on the size implant they want to use; visualizing the results of the implants helps them to make an informed decision that they can feel good about.

Also, you and Dr. Waltzman can precisely tailor your procedure to meet your expectations and give you what you want.  With both of you looking at the results, you can give precise direction about the look that you want, and Dr. Waltzman can translate this into the procedure that you will have done, increasing your satisfaction with the outcome of your surgery.

Stop guessing and see for yourself how your face or body can look through plastic surgery. Call us today at (562) 448-6100 to schedule your consult to see first-hand the possibilities!