Dr. Waltzman Offers Unique 3-Step Sizing Process for Breast Augmentation

Did you know almost 10% of breast implant patients end up changing or removing their implants?

In most of these cases, women are getting breast implant removal or breast revision surgery because they are unhappy with the results from the initial breast augmentation procedure.

Unless you have a change of heart or some rare medical concern arises, there should be no reason for you to want to change your breast implants. You should have them done correctly and to your standards and wishes the first time.

Dr. Waltzman has developed the following unique three-step sizing process to ensure his patients get the results they want every time.

Find Someone You Want to Emulate

The first step in Dr. Waltzman’s sizing process is to help you identify someone whose breasts you want to emulate. Look through pictures of celebrities, athletes, and your idols, and find someone with a similar body shape to yours and a breast size you would like.

Do the Rice Test

Once you have identified the breast size you would like, conduct the rice test.

Cut off the foot and ankle of old pantyhose, and fill with different amounts of rice to make makeshift implants. Place these in your bra to get an idea of what your chosen size feels like, then bring your homemade implants to your consultation with Dr. Waltzman.

Visualize With Digital Imaging

Using advanced Crisalix 3D imaging software, Dr. Waltzman can take photos of you and input the sized implants you have chosen into the program, to help give you a visual idea of what you will look like with those implants. You can then select implants according to how you can expect to look after the surgery.

Following these steps will help you get the results you want from breast augmentation. If you have any other questions or would like to book your consultation, please call Dr. Waltzman at (562) 448-6100 or fill out our online form.