Get BOO-Tiful Skin This Halloween! Great Tips on How to Make Your Botox Last Longer

BOO-tiful skin
Botox is the most tested cosmetic treatment worldwide. With millions of treatments administered, it is a tried-and-true method to resolve facial wrinkles to make your skin look young. However, the results are temporary, lasting from four to six months. Enjoy its benefits longer by following these helpful hints.

1. Schedule Repeat Botox Sessions

Many of our patients set regular Botox appointments to stay ahead of the product’s breakdown. If you are considering Botox or are currently receiving Botox treatments, learn when your body begins to degrade the effectiveness, and schedule your regular injections accordingly. Don’t leave one Botox session without scheduling another month ahead.

2. Develop Healthy Skin Care Habits

The benefits of Botox will last longer if you take good care of your skin. Patients who moisturize daily and drink plenty of water will help their faces remain plump. Plus, hydrated skin is more pliable and tends to ward off wrinkles better than dry skin.

3. Eat Right

A proper diet will not only aid in your overall health, but will also help fight the fight against aging skin. Avoid processed and packaged foods and eat whole foods with little or no sugars. This lifestyle habit will help keep you at a healthy weight and extend the benefits of your Botox results.

4. Take a Zinc Supplement

Some research supports the idea that your body’s zinc levels can affect your Botox results. Many men and women tend to have a zinc deficiency. By taking a supplement of this mineral between Botox injections, you could prolong its anti-aging effects.

5. De-Stress

Stress can have multiple adverse complications for your health. One is that it accelerates the natural aging process, and that means wrinkles and fine lines. To extend Botox benefits, add stress relief practices like exercise, meditation, and talking with a friend or therapist.

6. Exercise

As mentioned above, exercise is a healthy lifestyle practice that reduces stress. We find that the most active people get more out of Botox as well. The reasons are simple. They feel better about themselves, they drink more water, are happier, and have less anxiety.

7. Stop Smoking

By now, you should be aware of how detrimental smoking is for your health. But nicotine also makes the skin dull and tired and can wreak havoc around the lips with smokers’ lines.

8. Choose Only the Best Injectors

Because Botox is so popular as an anti-aging skin treatment, many injectors are not medical professionals who offer the therapy. Avoid these Johnny-come-latelies who have little more training than a weekend seminar. Board-certified plastic surgeons have extensive training in facial anatomy and cosmetic treatments. They also promise to uphold the highest standards in medicine.

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