How a Breast Lift Can Help Improve Your Confidence

Breast surgery continues to be a trending cosmetic solution for women looking to improve their body contour. Because this area of their body goes a long way to define her physical femininity and sensuality, aesthetic attention to breasts are the most popular procedures today in cosmetic surgery. When age, genetics, pregnancy, or breastfeeding wreak havoc on this sensitive body part, many women look to plastic surgery to help improve their self-confidence.

A breast lift is a cosmetic procedure which eliminates loose skin and elevates breast and nipple positioning. It brings back the perky presence most women enjoy when they are young. Available with or without breast augmentation surgery, this wonderful body contouring procedure results in a breast appearance which women seek for restored confidence and self-esteem.

Mastopexy Benefits

Women who undergo a breast lift (mastopexy) experience breasts which are firm and elevated. Lifting the breasts does not enhance breast size, although they may appear larger, and because their projection is more pronounced.  The exception is if your surgeon combines a breast augmentation with your breast lift. Here, breast size, elevation, and firmness are all welcome results.

Another great benefit is with the improvement of breast shape and symmetry; you will enjoy buying and wearing those alluring outfits that didn’t fit as well before the procedure.

Breast Lift – Who’s it for?

Mastopexy works best for women who have small breasts that sag. Women with large breasts can enjoy improvement as well, but might also benefit from breast reduction surgery at the same time.

Women who are planning to have more children should consider that a pregnancy may compromise mastopexy results, because it can stretch breast tissue. It may be wise to wait until you are through with childbearing—although future breastfeeding is not necessarily affected by the surgery.

Most women over forty can improve their body contour with a breast lift. The best way to determine if a mastopexy is right for you is to see if the nipple location falls below your natural breast crease.

Woman are good candidates for a breast lift if:

  • They don’t smoke
  • They have realistic expectations
  • Their unsupported nipples fall below the breast crease
  • Their breasts are pendulous, flat, or elongated
  • Their breasts sag
  • They are healthy
  • They maintain their optimal weight
  • Their breasts are not symmetric
  • Their breast skin is loose
  • Their areolas are enlarged

Next Step

To determine if you are a good candidate for a breast lift, you should schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon to learn more about the procedure. Dr. Josh Waltzman offers safe, effective aesthetic procedures for patients of Southern California and beyond. He would be happy to help you decide if a breast lift is a proper course to achieve your aesthetic goals. Contact us today to book your initial appointment.

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