How do I tell my kids, “Mommy is having surgery”?

If you are planning on having a procedure done in the near future and are having trouble finding the words to explain it to your children, then this might help you.
Whether you are planning a full mommy makeover, or laser resurfacing etc …, there are certain things your children will need to know and expect when you are recovering. Some patients choose to tell their children absolutely nothing and wait to see them until almost fully recovered. If that is not an option for you, then here are a few ideas to introduce and explain your procedure to your kids.


Most children are exposed to plastic surgery procedures via media, however they probably don’t fully understand what they mean. Being open with your kids may be the best option. Telling them that you had a surgery because you were in pain might not be the best idea (unless it is the truth). It’s okay to let them know you’re doing it to make yourself feel good, and that it is not their fault your body has changed. Try reinforcing the fact that you are restoring what you already had and that you are not trying to look like someone else. This conversation is especially important with mothers and daughters. If a young daughter starts to introduce the idea of plastic surgery for herself, then explain that she hasn’t had the time to grow into her body yet, and that she is wonderful the way she is. Just because you made this personal choice does not mean that there is something wrong with her.

It is also very important to let your children know your limitations after surgery such as; strenuous activity, bending over, picking them up etc …Try getting them involved in helping you heal and doing things around the house.

Obviously you know your family better than anyone. These are just ideas to get the conversation started. Hopefully this will help that part of your process go as smoothly as possible.