How To Look Your Best During the Holidays

With the holiday season in full force, it is time for you to gather your presents, socialize with loved ones, and take in the warmth of this blissful time of the year. But as you get ready to attend holiday parties or travel far and wide to be with family, you may also be concerned about looking your best.
The desire to flaunt breathtaking looks does not come out of nowhere. After all, it not only helps you steer clear of negative comments regarding your appearance but also helps you emanate your inner confidence to everyone you meet. To make this a reality, many people turn towards cosmetic procedures to enhance their looks during the season of celebration.
To help you radiate joy from the inside and out, here is a lowdown on improving your looks through holiday cosmetic procedures in Long Beach, California.

What Are The Best Cosmetic Procedures For The Holidays?

Various cosmetic treatments and procedures trend around the holidays. Some of the most sought-after treatments utilize minimally invasive practices. Such treatments are beneficial because they provide remarkable results with little to no downtime. As a result, you can enhance your appearance during the holiday season while ensuring that you do not miss out on any events or celebrations in the process.
These procedures include the following approaches.

To Restore Facial Volume: Turn Towards Dermal Fillers

If you are worried about a loss of facial volume, thin lips, or gaunt cheeks, dermal fillers can help. These injectables are carefully inserted into the skin and instantly revitalize its volume and glow. The treatments can also reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, preparing you for the holidays in no time while taking years off your features.
Downtime: None (you can resume your activities right after the treatment).
Possible Side Effects: Slight bruising and swelling may occur, typically subsiding within a week.

To Reduce Wrinkles: Explore Neuromodulators

If your main goal is to reduce the appearance of dynamic wrinkles and fine lines, especially those that occur with facial movement, neuromodulators such as Botox®, Jeuveau, and Dysport can work like a charm. These minimally invasive injectables can limit select facial movements while also smoothing out the appearance of your skin. Due to their efficacy and results, these injectables remain one of the most sought-after holiday cosmetic procedures.
Downtime: Apart from avoiding strenuous exercise the first day, you can get back to most of your regular activities post-treatment.
Possible Side Effects: Slight swelling and redness that goes away quickly.

To Eliminate Double Chin: Look Into Kybella

If you have accumulated fat under your chin, you may be worried about getting unwanted attention to your double chin over holiday parties. That is where exploring Kybella can resolve your concern. Kybella works as an injectable treatment that uses a natural chemical called deoxycholic acid. When it is administered under your chin, it gradually melts excess pockets of fat and gives you the sharpened neckline that you need within a few weeks.
Downtime: None (you can resume regular activities immediately after the treatment).
Possible Side Effects: Redness, swelling, bruising, and numbness that subsides within a few weeks.

To Refresh Your Facial Features: Get a Liquid Facelift

In case you want to attain a refreshed and youthful appearance that has all the heads turning at your holiday gatherings, you can look into a liquid facelift. This comprehensive yet minimally invasive treatment comprises dermal fillers and injectables to improve facial volume, reduce wrinkles, and smoothen your skin. This provides you with an enhanced look without surgery.
Downtime: None (except for stressful exercise, you may return to most of your activities immediately after the treatment).
Possible Side Effects: Redness, swelling, bruising, and numbness that subsides within a few days.

Find The Ideal Holiday Cosmetic Procedures To Improve Your Looks This Season

In order to get your desired results out of these cosmetic procedures for the holidays, it is crucial that you discuss your concerns with a seasoned cosmetic surgeon. We can offer the most suitable treatments that will prepare you for the holidays through an examination and detailed discussion of your desired results.
To improve your appearance during this joyful time of the year, contact Dr. Josh Waltzman in Long Beach, CA, today. You can make your appointment by calling (562) 448-6100 or filling out this online form.