How Young is Too Young for Fillers?

Loving the way that you look is important at every age. However, certain milestones of the aging process suggest little need for cosmetic changes. Until recently, dermal fillers and other rejuvenation procedures were mostly pursued by middle-aged women. Now, trends have changed, and younger people are pursuing cosmetic treatments to minimize the effects of aging and to improve how they look.

Younger women are eager to get the pouty lips they see on social media. In fact, it is not uncommon for teenagers to desire these treatments. With younger people looking into cosmetic treatments, people wonder, how young is TOO young to pursue dermal fillers? Read on to find out.

Why Do Younger People Want Fillers?

It’s not a surprise that the influence of social media can impact a young person’s confidence, but that does not mean that cosmetic treatments are necessary. The accessibility to celebrity trends has simply made the influence of cosmetic surgery more intriguing for teens and younger adults.

There is nothing wrong with pursuing preventive aging treatments, but you may want to wait until the appearance of aging lines starts, later in life. At the same time, pursuing treatment may be necessary to you earlier in life, and it is ultimately your decision. Collagen treatments can reduce signs of aging, which may be reason enough for someone in their 20s to pursue treatment in order to minimize these effects preventatively.

At What Age Can You Pursue Dermal Fillers?

Until recently, most people pursuing cosmetic surgery were at least in their 30s. Today, younger adults are seeking out the same noninvasive procedures. The truth is that getting dermal fillers in your 20s is technically NOT too young.

The lips begin to thin in the early 20s, rendering the idea of getting dermal fillers as reasonable. Still, no one under 18 should pursue cosmetic procedures without a doctor’s approval, such as in cases of cosmetic defect. You don’t tend to see the signs of aging until the mid to late 30s, but some ask, why not take preventative action?

Where Can I Go for Treatment?

If you’re local to Long Beach, CA, you’re fortunate enough to work with a board-certified plastic surgeon at The Waltzman Institute. Carissa Brown RN, BSN strives to meet your personal goals while maintaining a natural aesthetic that you can enjoy over time. Together, you can discuss your treatment needs and decide which approach to dermal fillers makes sense for you.

What Are the Options for Fillers?

Fillers are broken into three categories: autologous fillers, non-hyaluronic acid fillers, and hyaluronic acid-based fillers. Each option helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, restores volume, and creates a youthful appearance. Depending on the type, you can enjoy your fillers for 6 months to over a year.

Get the Look You Deserve

Contact The Waltzman Institute at (562) 448-6100 to discuss your interest in pursuing dermal fillers and see which treatment approach is right for you. Whether you’re 20 or 45, get the look you deserve with the help of qualified experts.