Reasons Why Breast Fat Transfer Is On The Rise

Reasons Why Breast Fat Transfer Is on the Rise 

Cosmetic surgical procedures that are subtle yet effective are rising in popularity. Many people are interested in natural, minimally invasive ways to improve their bodies. The fat transfer breast augmentation seems to be on the lips of celebrities and fashion writers today. 

Fat transfer breast augmentation gives you another option beyond than silicone and saline. Surgeons take fat from one area of your body where it is unwanted and transfer it to your breasts. If you’re interested in a more natural approach to breast enhancement, here’s what you need to know. 

Breast Fat Transfers Naturally Help Increase Breast Size 

Fat transfers are becoming a popular way for women to gain up to an additional cup size without synthetic implants. Surgeons take fat from the thighs, hips, or stomach and purify it before injecting into the breast. Because the procedure uses the patient’s tissues rather than synthetic materials, the results look and feel more natural. Patients do not have to worry about their implants hardening or leaking, and they will not have to be replaced in the future. 

Breast Fat Transfers Lead to Minimal Scarring 

Traditional implant surgery leaves scars because of the incision size necessary to place the saline or silicone implant. While surgeons scars can often hide scars under swimsuits or bras, many women would prefer not to have them at all. 

During a fat transfer, Dr. Waltzman relies on small cuts and incisions to harvest fat from other parts of the body. He then uses a similarly small incision to when injecting fat into the breast.  

The lack of a scar around the breasts after a procedure gives women a great deal of self-confidence. Many immediately wear a wide range of clothing without concern about scar revelation. 

Breast Fat Transfers Can Have a Positive Effect On the Rest of The Body

Traditional implants not only have an aesthetic effect on the breasts. A fat transfer has the added benefit of contouring other areas of the body where fat is removed. The combined breast augmentation and liposuction procedures are common in mommy makeovers where women want to address several areas of their body after pregnancy and childbirth. Sensuous curves require a combination of enhancement in some places and reduction in others. 

Breast Fat Transfers Appeal to a Wide Range of Women 

Most women who want a slight increase in breast size that can be accomplished with a fat transfer also have some areas of unwanted fat in other parts of their body. It’s important to note that women do not have to be overweight or have excessive amounts of fat to undergo this surgery. Those women with small pockets of fat on the hips, buttocks, or even upper arms can have it harvested to use in a fat transfer breast augmentation. 

As a skilled plastic surgeon, Dr. Waltzman is adept at harvesting enough tissue and fat to augment the breasts and shape and sculpt the rest of the body. During your consultation, Dr. Waltzman will look at your body to ensure you have enough fat for him to harvest. 

Your Consultation with The Waltzman Institute

Do you want to increase the size of your breasts by one to two cup sizes without the implant of synthetic materials? Do you also want the added benefit of slimming areas of the body that have not responded to your diet or exercise attempts? Then you need to schedule a consultation with Dr. Waltzman to talk about the fat transfer breast augmentation procedures. During the consultation, the surgeon will find out more about your aesthetic goals and health history and determine if this is the right type of breast augmentation procedure for your unique needs. 


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