Refresh your spring skincare routine with these tips!

As the seasons change, so too must our self-care routines.

The skin is a part of our anatomy that is particularly susceptible to changes in the weather, which is why slightly modifying our skincare routine for the spring is important to enjoy the healthiest skin possible.

Here, we’ll look at two of the main spring skincare tweaks you should make – cleaning and protection.

Spring weather

Typically, in spring, we start spending more time outdoors. This means more time under the sun and more grit and grime. We need to change our skincare routine to address these concerns.


With more time outdoors and quite often doing physical activity, our skin collects grit and grime, particularly around the nose, cheeks and forehead. This is because sweat glands in these areas release oils that protect our skin – and while these natural oils are essential for skin health, we need to clean regularly to make sure our pores don’t clog and become infected.

So, we recommend gently cleaning your skin twice a day in the springtime with a pH-neutral facial wash. Ideal times of day are after waking up and before sleep, as it is easy to fit these in when you brush your teeth, a habit you already likely have at these times of day.

Sun protection

The sun and overexposure are among the most commonly overlooked aspects of a skincare routine, especially during the spring and summer when the sun is hotter and the days are longer.

A spring skincare routine absolutely must include the application of sunscreen throughout the day. Doing so will not only protect your skin from becoming burnt, dehydrated and wrinkled but will also prevent the formation of more severe problems, such as skin cancers and melanomas.

Spring skincare in Long Beach, CA

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