Should I Consider Breast Augmentation After Weight Loss? | The Waltzman Institute

Thanks to the support of your friends and a healthy diet and rigorous workout program, you’re overjoyed about losing all the baby fat during your postpartum weight loss journey. Maybe you are even back to your best pre-pregnancy weight.

Unfortunately, even though you have your sexy figure back, you may be dismayed by what your weight loss has done to your breasts. Many women who lose weight after pregnancy and breastfeeding end up with loose skin, flattened or sagging breast contours, and smaller breasts, made worse because women’s breasts often are the first place to lose volume during weight loss.

Fortunately, you can correct this post-weight loss sagging and volume loss by choosing breast augmentation with implants at The Waltzman Institute. With these implants, the fullness can be restored to the upper portions of your breasts, reshaping and reviving their youthful, sexy appearance.

Dr. Josh Waltzman takes factors such as these into account in helping you chose your best implants:

  • Quality, texture, and elasticity of your skin.
  • Whether you’ve had children and whether you’ve breastfed.
  • Amount breast tissue you have available.

Benefits of Breast Augmentation With Implants

The benefits of having breast implants:

  • Reduced sagging or drooping of the breasts
  • Better and more youthful breast shape
  • Enhanced overall body contour
  • Improved self-confidence and body image

Combined Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift Surgery

In cases where a woman’s breasts sag severely after weight loss, it might require more than breast implant surgery on its own but rather a combined breast augmentation and breast lift. A breast lift will remove that excess skin and allow for perkier breasts once the implants are set in place.

Dr. Waltzman has an overall professional approach to breast surgery. He may suggest a breast augmentation combined with a breast lift with implants should this be appropriate in your case. Not only can this reduce recovery time and downtime, but it may also reduce the overall cost of both surgeries.

Are You a Good Candidate for Breast Augmentation Surgery?

If you’re curious to find out if you’re a good candidate for breast augmentation, Dr. Waltzman recommends that the best candidates should be physically healthy nonsmokers who can maintain a stable weight.

During your initial consultation at The Waltzman Institute in the Long Beach area of California, all your options will be considered.

To learn more about your breast augmentation after weight loss, please contact Dr. Waltzman and his team by calling (562) 448-6100 or scheduling a complimentary consultation on our website.