What Aftercare Is Necessary for Breast Implant Surgery?

For many of our patients, recovery is the most intimidating part of breast augmentation surgery. The good news is, with a little prep, it doesn’t have to be. We’ll teach you how to care for your new breasts for a quick and easy recovery. Soon you’ll be enjoying fuller, shapelier breasts and the best bikini body you’ve ever had.

What do you need to arrange for a successful breast implant surgery recovery? These three aftercare essentials will help you navigate breast surgery recovery like a pro.


Healing is hard work. Your body needs plenty of rest to have the energy it needs to rapidly recover after breast augmentation surgery. Listen to your body, and rest as much as you need to, especially in the first few days after surgery.

To help you rest comfortably after surgery, make sure you have plenty of pillows available. Pillows help with bed positioning, elevating your arms and holding you in a comfortable position. We recommend having several types and styles of cushions available.


Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics, pain medications, and other medicines for you to take while you recover. We recommend filling any prescriptions before surgery so that you have the medications that you’ll need available.


Recovery after surgery isn’t something to attempt on your own. You’ll need help. It’s best to arrange for a trusted adult to help you during your recovery.

You’ll need someone:

  • To drive you to and from surgery.
  • To stay with you for the first few days.
  • To bring you to your follow-up visits.
  • To help with young children. Many of our mommy makeover patients need help with their little ones for a few days after surgery.

If you don’t have help available, we can help you arrange for in-home nursing care.

All that stands between you and your new look is breast augmentation surgery and recovery. We look forward to helping you navigate this exciting process on your journey to achieve your ideal breasts. Call us today at (562) 448-6100 to schedule your consultation at The Waltzman Institute.