What are the 3 Biggest Post-Surgery Recovery Tips?

Whether you’re recovering from breast augmentation, liposuction, a facelift, or a tummy tuck, the body needs time to heal.

While there are procedure-specific recovery directives, such as wearing compression garments for breast treatments or bandages for a facelift, these 3 post-surgery recovery tips apply to each and every aesthetic surgery procedure.

Here, Dr. Josh Waltzman of The Waltzman Institute discusses the big 3 – rest, nutrition, and mobility.

1)   Rest

This is an obvious one, but it is amazing how many patients overlook the importance of rest following plastic surgery.

The body should be given 10 hours of sleep for the 5-7 days following your surgery, with absolutely no strenuous activity or stretching for the first 2 weeks. Some procedures, like abdominoplasty, often require even more.

The body needs a chance to heal incisions, restructure internally, and adapt to the changes made during surgery so that it can provide the results you want from your plastic surgery. Rest is when this can happen.

2)   Nutrition

Eating the correct food post-surgery can rapidly improve recovery and also improve long-term results.

Your body craves vitamins, healthy proteins, fats, and minerals, so eating a balanced diet of fresh, natural whole foods is best for your post-recovery.

Think granola sprinkled with nuts and seeds, salads, dairy, pulses, lentils, and good protein sources. Oils and fish are also fantastic for encouraging your body to heal.

3)   Mobility

While we have stated that rest is paramount, this doesn’t mean you should allow your body to stagnate. Some light, gentle, slow walking is fantastic in the days following your procedure. Nothing that makes you sweat, but walking gets your blood circulating, aiding recovery, and also helps avoid side effects such as constipation from too much inactivity.

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