What can be done to correct a double chin?

A double chin occurs when fat deposits are stored underneath ones’ jawbone at the top of the neck and throat.

While some people develop a double chin due to weight fluctuations or aging, others simply have this undesirable feature built into their genes.

Having a strong, slender, defined jawline is a sign of power and confidence. The double chin undermines this. Fortunately for those concerned with their double chin, there are several cosmetic procedures that are perfect for correcting a double chin.

Neck Lift

The neck lift is the traditional solution to the double chin.

By excising excess skin from around the neck and jaw, expert plastic surgeons can reshape the chin, and tighten the skin to hold closer to the jawbone, and provide more support to the fatty tissue.

One of the more comprehensive solutions to a double chin, neck lift surgery, is a surgical procedure requiring downtime and recovery. For some patients, this is no issue, whereas others wish for a speedier recovery. Renuvion treatment offers just this.



Renuvion is a cutting-edge technology that uses helium plasma to tighten the sub-dermal tissue in the treatment area.

By passing the hand-held device around the jaw, chin and upper neck, plastic surgeons trained in the use of the Renuvion plasma pen can tighten, lift and smooth sagging skin to eliminate the double chin with the least amount of downtime possible.


Like Renuvion, CoolSculpting is modern technology, but instead of plasma, it uses freezing temperatures to freeze and kill fatty tissue in the treatment area.

The treatment also stimulates collagen and elastin production in the skin, thus eliminating the fat while enhancing the skin texture and firmness.

Depending on your situation, one of the three techniques above will be highly effective in eliminating your double chin. Reach out to Dr Waltzman to get the best regarding treating your double chin in Long Beach, CA on (562) 448-6100 or fill out his online form.