Which Breast Implant is the Best For Your Active Lifestyle?

Many women pursue a lifestyle filled with exercise to stay healthy, eliminate body fat, and create more tone. While all of these choices improve well-being, they can also lead to a loss of breast tissue.

Breast implants are one of the most common types of cosmetic surgeries for women who are interested in improving both the volume and aesthetics of their breasts. However, some active women worry that silicone or saline implants could impact their exercise routine. They also want natural-looking breasts to fit their toned physiques.

The good news is, when inserted by a qualified plastic surgeon, breast implants can look stunning and provide a renewed sense of confidence for active women. The right implants can give you the looks you desire and still allow you to keep exercising. Keep reading to understand the different types of implants and how you can make a decision about what to choose.

Saline vs. Silicone, What’s The Difference?

Saline implants are inserted into the breast and then filled with a saline solution. They are usually easier to remove than silicone implants but often feel firmer and less natural. This firmness can be an issue for active women who have little breast tissue and are looking to maintain natural-feeling breasts.

Silicone implants are a popular choice because they are softer and often feel more natural. The surgeon makes a large incision and inserts the pre-filled implants into the breast. Silicone implants are the best choice for active women who have little natural breast tissue.

In general, women who live active lifestyles should choose smaller breast implants. Large implants impede certain exercises. People with a smaller body size also find large implants cause discomfort. No matter what type of implants you choose, make sure they will not affect your posture or balance.

Silicone Implants: The Best Solution for an Active Lifestyle

Silicone implants’ durability and functionality make them the best choice for women with active lifestyles.

A special type of silicone implant, the gummy bear implant, comes highly recommended for people who live an active lifestyle because they look natural, adhere to the breast tissue quickly, and do not seep into the body if they rupture.

The FDA has approved silicone implants for patients 22 years old and up. They encourage patients to get an MRI every year to check for “silent ruptures.”

The Importance Of Implant Placement

Implants are either placed above or below the pectoral muscle. Most choose to place the implant under the muscle because it makes the breast feel more natural to the touch.

However, this can lead to issues with women who participate in activities that build chest muscle, like CrossFit, since the implant can be compressed down as the muscle firms and flexes. A plastic surgeon will be able to give advice about the placement and work to ensure any implants will not alter the appearance of the breasts in periods of strength training or vigorous exercise.

Surgeons encourage women bodybuilders to place implants above the muscle (subglandular) because the implant will not alter the functionality of the muscle. This type of placement reduces the downtime after the procedure so you can start exercising sooner.

Some choose to purchase a sports bra to minimize movement after implants are inserted to exercise without experiencing discomfort.

Professional Silicone Breast Implants with The Waltzman Institute

Breast implants can help any woman, athlete or not, achieve their desired aesthetic goals while still maintaining typical daily activities. Properly inserted implants will not prevent you from an active lifestyle for the long-term, even if there is a small adjustment period after a procedure.

We carefully consider your breast size, desired goals, and activity level before recommending the best implant placement and type that will help you maintain a natural look.

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