Why Would you Have a Fat Transfer to Your Breasts?

Breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgery conducted in the United States. With over 310,000 operations a year, getting larger, firmer, more shapely breasts seems to be a high priority for many women.

However, there is a trend beginning to appear in which women seek to remove their breast implants, as caused by a change in lifestyle, physical appearance aspirations, or health.

While breast augmentation is still an incredibly satisfying option available to those seeking to improve their appearance, other women find themselves looking for an alternative choice.

One such choice is fat transfer breast augmentation.

While the results from fat transfer breast augmentation aren’t always as profound as those from breast augmentation with implants, there are several aspects of fat transfer breast augmentation that are highly attractive to specific patients.

Redistribution of Fatty Tissue

Fat transfer breast augmentation requires harvesting fatty tissue from one part of the body and relocating it to the breasts.

This is a win-win for many patients, who may want to tone up their lower abdomen, thighs, or buttocks (common donor areas for harvesting the fatty tissue to be used in fat transfer breast augmentation).

No External Implants

Another benefit of fat transfer breast augmentation is that the procedure doesn’t require having foreign objects (implants) inserted into the body.

This often results in a more natural look, which is easier for the body to adapt to after the procedure.

As mentioned, the results from breast augmentation with implants are more pronounced, which may be ideal for some patients, but these benefits of fat transfer breast augmentation may be attractive to other patients.

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