Why Young Adults Are Considering Body Contouring Procedures

More today than ever, young adults are considering body contouring procedures. They appreciate the customizable, non-surgical, and efficient surgical options available that make body contouring possible. New technology and advances in plastic surgery techniques allow younger adults to manage their appearance better than diet and exercise alone by making the most of the innovative trend driving the popularity of body contouring.

If you are a young adult considering body contouring procedures, Dr. Josh Waltzman of The Waltzman Institute has your back. Read on to learn why body contouring is the go-to choice for young adults, and contact us if you would like more information.

What is Body Contouring?

Body contouring are non-surgical and surgical procedures used to tone and firm the body using techniques that target stubborn, loose skin and layers of fat. When lifestyle changes provide limited results, patients look to body contouring to achieve their aesthetic goals. Young adults consider body contouring to address fat-prone areas in the thighs, hips, and belly. Body contouring is an option for those who are unable to achieve the body they want regardless of how seriously they try to eat healthily and exercise regularly.

How Does Body Contouring Work?

Depending on the services in which you’re interested, Dr. Waltzman has several body contouring treatments to consider. A very popular option is CoolSculpting, a non-surgical method for treating stubborn fat which rids the body of fat through freezing technologies. Another option patients have is liposuction, which is also used for the removal of excess fat. Treatments for both of these only require short amounts of time to achieve maximum results in fat reduction.

Who Are Ideal Candidates for Body Contouring?

Ideal candidates are patients close to their goal weight who find that their bodies are not responding to a healthy diet and exercise program. Nonsmokers who are willing to stick to a healthy lifestyle are ideal candidates, especially if they understand that although fat can be removed, it can also come back via overindulgence or lack of exercise.

Individuals with significant weight to lose are less of a match for these body contouring methods as they are explicitly aimed at treating troubled spots. Alternative cosmetic methods may be more fitting for those looking to shed more significant volumes of body fat.

What Results Can You Expect From Body Contouring?

Patients should expect results to be gradual and to become more apparent as time passes. These treatments work in stages, meaning that results become visible gradually. Patients will not experience uncomfortable side effects since these non-surgical treatments are quick and effective, using non-invasive technologies that eliminate the risk of bruising, swelling, or scaring.

Live Your Best Life With Body Contouring

With so many alternatives to choose from, young adults are more than likely to find an option at The Waltzman Institute to help them meet their goals.

To have a friendly and informative consultation about reaching your desired objectives with body contouring, contact Dr. Waltzman in Long Beach, CA, today. You can conveniently schedule an appointment by calling (562) 448-6100 or filling out this online form.